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  1. Hi, my GPA is ~3.6 (due to personal events, health concerns etc.; does not reflect my true academic ability) and I want to get in to the Fall 2020 cohort. I am entering my 4th year this fall. I am studying for the mcat this summer and focusing mainly on CARS. If I get a 130+ on CARS and do well on casper, do I have a chance, given my low GPA? Has anyone been in a similar situation before, and if so how'd it go?
  2. Hey, for the awards section, would it be appropriate to put your shulich leader nomination ? cuz I didn't actually win the scholarship, but my hs had a huge selection process for choosing who to nominate
  3. If I'm doing a poster presentation on one of my publications - would this be under 1 entry or can it be 2 entries in omsas research section ?
  4. Hey, writing the mcat for the first time - for CARS, are you given the option to underline/draw/write on the on-screen cars passage (to guide my own thought process) ? Also is there an option search/ command F for a specific phrase/ word in the passage ? (e.g. if they refer to a passage phrase in a question and I want to quickly find it within the passage ) ? Thanks!
  5. Is khan academy cars practice an accurate/ representative tool for the actual exam ? (sorry if this has been asked before, but I can't find the thread)
  6. Hello! I'm interning at a non-profit organization for 9 weeks this summer and will work a total of 300 hours. I am working very closely with my supervisor and I think she will get to know me very well/ be able to comment on my can meds skills. Is it a red flag if I use her as one of my references ? (b/c she only has known me for ~2 months) Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, I know Waterloo requires a minimum of 8 hours shadowing an optometrist, but my question is - how do you document that ? Are people just creating a log sheet and having the optometrist sign every time they come in to shadow ? Or is there a more structured way to documenting it ? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey etAl, I'll be entering my third year in mac health sci. Feel free to ask any questions
  9. Hey!! I'm currently trying to set a goal of reading at least 3 new research articles a week, just to improve my understanding of various topics and research methodology. Do people wanna form a group to discuss articles so can learn more ? We could maybe set a time for 1 or 2 times a week over Skype! If you're interested, reply below or DM me!
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