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  1. Would you also be able to see when orientation is and when our first and last days of classes are? Thanks a lot!
  2. thanks! did we get an email regarding any of this yet? how did you find out?
  3. Hi all, I am wondering what we can expect out of O Week and what planned activities included in past years? When is this expected to start - I am trying to gauge when is best to move to Ottawa. Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much for the information! Just another question: are most based off of financial need? How many are based off of merit? Thanks!
  5. Are there scholarships that are given without application available? Does anyone know where I can find them or who to contact?
  6. Just wanted to let you all know I got an email at 10:34 today with an offer. My cGPA was a 3.97. Best of luck to the rest of you all.
  7. Do you think they will finish calling the first round of waitlist offers by tomorrow? Or will it go into next week?
  8. did you get a call? did you get off the waitlist? congratz!
  9. Can I ask how you know/think that the movement is significantly higher than anticipated? Thanks!
  10. Were they able to provide you with any information? What did you ask about?
  11. Has the calling started yet? When should we expect them to finish calling everyone for this first waitlist round?
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