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  1. I'm actually interested to see how SWOMEN might play into this new aABS. Will they require more involvement in your community to qualify for lower MCAT cutoffs (beyond just attending and graduating from high school)? Or will it give some leeway into your ABS "score"?
  2. Character limit is 2400 and it has a pretty strict structure. OMSAS is open now if you want to check it out.
  3. I just scrolled through it. Won't say too much, but it does indeed look like a fair amount of extra work on top of the standard ABS. Not happy with the change personally, but we'll see how it goes.
  4. I hope meeting cutoffs is still enough, but I'm biased and not a fan of the uncertainty this brings for my cycle haha. It looks like they want an abbreviated ABS, so perhaps its use is still limited?
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