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  1. I posted my stats, but wanted to post here as well. Last year I was immediately offered an interview (rejected from everywhere else) at McMaster but than spent the summer on the waitlist (unsuccessfully) so I know how that feels very very well. Took this year off - was rejected from A TON of jobs in the healthcare field (which really hurt following the waitlist drag out and ultimate rejection) and ended up working 2 part time jobs: 1 in a high volume upssclae restaurant one at a healthcare start up. While my GPA is on the lower side of things My ECs refelect my "take opportunities where
  2. Result: Accepted (off Waitlist) Timestamp: May 22nd, 2018 2:07 PM (EDT) GPA: 3.68 cumulative, 2.74 last 2 years (3.92 in final year) MCAT: 514 (130 CARS) ECs: 2 publications, plus 2 in progress. presented at a couple conferences (1 international). 5 years research in a variety of fields and involved in a neuroscience outreach program (eventually as executive) throughout entire undergrad. deffinitely a bunch of diversity on here (my advice: take any and all opportunites that present themselves! even if they mat not be long term) with also some long term stuff Geography:
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