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  1. Hi everyone! I was told that the mid-April email from previous years (2013-2018) stated that as long as you have the transcript with your final grade in their hands by June 28 (the final transcript deadline), then it's fine. That contradicts what's stated on the UBC med website and the admissions manual - that any prerequisite English courses should be completed by April 30. Does anyone have a copy of last year's email UBC admissions sent out in mid-April (the results day email)? A few people mentioned this on blog posts from previous years too. I would really appreciate any help or insig
  2. Has anyone’s verifiers been contacted? If not, does anyone know when UofC will contact verifiers? Thanks, best of luck to everyone!!
  3. I’m interested, and I’m flexible with my availablities! Let me know
  4. Hey Neurophiliac! You have Monday labelled as Regrets. Is Monday the only day regrets are sent out? Or can you get rejected on Wednesday or Thursday (or any day of the week)? Thanks!!
  5. Oh okay, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you know? Has it happened all the time in the past or did the admissions office say that? I’m just a stressed individual here haha
  6. Does anyone know whether all the regrets are sent out today? Meaning if you didn’t get a regret, then you will get an interview invite for sure? Or is it possible to get rejected anytime this week?
  7. Thank you so much! Do you have any Canadian friendly American schools in mind that I should def add to the list? I’m researching and making a list right now. Last summer, I was taking the MCAT and working on applying to multiple schools but unfortunately my dad was diagnosed with advanced cancer and underwent surgery. Things didn’t go as planned I’m planning on studying and rewriting the MCAT after I’m done with my primaries this summer. I’ll submit my old MCAT (508) to the American schools and use my new mcat (hopefully better score) for my Canadians applications.
  8. Hi guys, I desperately need some advice. I feel so lost. Any advice would help! Last summer, I was taking the MCAT and applying to med schools across Canada but things didn’t go as planned. I was only able to apply to the University of Calgary. I was invited for an interview and was waitlisted. I recently found out that I am on the bottom of the waitlist and my chances of getting in are almost none. I am planning on applying to American Med Schools in addition to Canadian this year to increase my chances. My stats are: Completed a BSc in Biological Sciences from Calgary (
  9. I haven’t received any email yet either. I think they are still working on it. I’ll update this blog if I do!
  10. No idea, i don’t think scgartne saw my comment asking for the deadline. I think there were probably very few sent out yesterday. I was hoping they would send the second batch today since the deadline for the first largest batch was yesterday. Dr. Walker isn’t posting anything and no one from the admissions office is willing to provide even the slightest bit of information. Even a sentence from them would help us tremendously....
  11. Looks like no offers from the waitlist were sent out today either...
  12. Yes, really hope we get good news today!! I’ll update the blog if I get any news
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