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  1. Maybe they are staggering the emails? And did you check if you inputted the correct contact info for this referee?? Let us know what you hear back! Both of my references are also verifiers for other activities and both said they weren’t asked to write a letter but only had 500 characters to write a description plus some questions. So maybe for those who are a verifier and a referee they are only sending one form?
  2. Does U of A contact applicants if a verifier doesn’t respond? Also does anyone know what the message on the sign in page to the application means? “For those of you who have been notified about a second round of requests, these will go out after Dec 10” what do they mean by second round of requests?
  3. I looked back at the previous years threads and lots of people had verifiers contacted in Oct/Nov and some had none contacted whereas others had 12. It’s so unpredictable so it’s best probably to try not to read into it as much as we want to. Hopefully everyone’s verifiers respond positively!!
  4. My verifiers who were contacted told me they got an email this morning. And I applied for MD
  5. Did anyone else have verifiers contacted today? I had 3 contacted that I know of. I submitted for Sept 14th deadline btw. Do they usually contact this quick??
  6. Does any one know if referees are supposed to receive an email for confirmation once we enter their name into the application? Or do they not get contacted at all until later in the cycle?
  7. Hmm I just tried that and I still can’t log in. Seems like I’ll just have to give them a call. Thanks for your response, all the best!
  8. Are there any reapplicants on here who have tried to open up a new application for the 2018-2019 cycle? I have been trying to open an app thru the “re apply applicant” tab with my existing UCAN login info but the page just refreshes when I try to log in. I emailed the admissions office a few days ago but haven’t heard back yet. Just wondering if this is a general problem with UCAN or just me
  9. Yeah not quite sure what to make of it....It was good to get an update but it still means we are left on the edge of our seats
  10. New blog post up! Has anyone received emails yet saying they are too low on the list to receive an offer this year? Just want to know if I can breathe a little sigh of relief or not yet
  11. I agree...it’s been so hard to stay focused and get anything else done. Any info would have been very helpful.
  12. yeah I didn’t hear anything... any info on when the deadline is for the offer(s) sent yesterday?
  13. I haven’t heard anything yet :’( It seems like they have been sending out offers in the afternoon (~4:30). Fingers crossed there’s some movement today and good news for us!!!!
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