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  1. Result: Waitlist IP GPA: 84% DAT: 23AA 25RC 21PAT ABS: HBSc. conferred June 2020. 2x wet lab research for grad students during my undergrad (one as a paid PT job, one unpaid through a course), 1 PT job in retail, 1 FT job in a medical lab (currently working here), 2x shadowing dentists (~ 125 hours total), volunteerism (at an adoption centre, as a tutor for first-year undergrads, in a first-year undergrad psychology lab, etc.), school clubs (pre-dental club, etc.) Interview: medium. I prepared for a week - definitely not enough time. In this time I was able to learn ho
  2. Yes. That's exactly what I did. I didn't have a full course load in my second year either and my first year marks weren't great so I waited to apply until after I completed my degree/4th year (ie. I had to take a gap year)
  3. Yes, they only take your best 2 years of full course load. You also need to make sure 3/5 classes are at or above your level of study in those 2 years.
  4. I think I was nervous so I answered the questions very quickly and as a result I think the communication of my answers wasnt the best. I also finished early and got to ask a few questions at the end. I think that the content of my answers was okay. I think it was a medium interview, nothing crazy good or bad.
  5. TIMESTAMP: 11:23 GPA: 84% DAT SCORE: 23AA 25RC 21PAT YEAR OF STUDY: completed HBSc. June 2020 and am currently working in a medical lab IP/OOP: IP Interview Offer: INVITE!!
  6. I emailed them about something similar to this a year ago. From my understanding all attempts are calculated within the best 2 years and repeating a class will not be a red flag on your application. However, in my case I was repeating one class to get the minimum prerequisite average (which they have since changed to a pass/fail for prerequisite courses) and not multiple courses as you say you are planning on doing. Best bet is to email them about your situation directly. Hope that helps!
  7. Yeah, you would have to apply after you graduate for your fourth year marks to be considered in the competitive GPA. But there is no harm in applying in your fourth year. It's good practice and you never know you just might get an interview with your first 3 year GPA!
  8. Hey everyone, Does anyone know just how much of a "boost" applicants with a masters degree get on their competitive average for Schulich? 1%, 2%?
  9. Does McMaster not give percentage marks on the transcript? If they do, it's just an average of those.
  10. In terms of percentile, yes, but not your score out of 30 which is what the schools use for admissions and what matters at the end of the day.
  11. UWO ABS looks at awards, employment, hobbies, leadership/teamwork skills, shadowing, research and volunteer work. It would be best if you had something to write down for each of those sections by application time!
  12. Remember that your DAT score and the number of times you took it is reported to schools!
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