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  1. Congrats yourself on Ottawa Actually Hamilton was my first choice, WRC was my second, but I'm just happy to be in anywhere tbh!!
  2. Result: Accepted off Waitlist (WRC) Soooo pumped!!! Timestamp: May 30 10:27am cGPA: 3.98 CARS: 129 Interview: I thought it went well but there were a couple stations that I struggled with. Year: Done MSc Geography: IP
  3. Also just got an offer (to WRC)!!!!!!! Email from Wendy came at 10:27am!
  4. For the Ontario schools you're good. Not sure about AMCAS. MCAT score expiry is a school-specific thing so you'd have to check each school's regulations. Since you're applying to the States, MSAR might be a helpful resource to have.
  5. In one of their facebook live sessions (either one of the application recap ones or the one on graduate reviews I think), they said that the stuff you're supposed to list on the academic CV (i.e. what they look at to assess your "scholarly productivity") should be things you did during your graduate studies. I remember thinking at the time that it was weird that they didn't really clearly/explicitly say that in any of the instructions on the website.. Also you don't necessarily have to have *published* manuscripts, as Sam indicated - you can list submitted but not yet published ones in your CV
  6. I remember reading elsewhere on this forum that they only award that bonus if you have completed your degree before the application deadline. Not sure about course-based vs research though, sorry. If they don't specify on the website, it wouldn't hurt to email admissions and ask!
  7. Hi all, I understand that the interview is open file, but the interview package says "Only a copy of your one page autobiographic sketch of your application will be provided to the interviewers". Could someone clarify what this means? The ABS seems like it would be much longer than a page...are they just printing out the titles of each entry, without the detailed (150-character) descriptions of the responsibilities involved in each?
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