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  1. I think it’s understandable that you are not in the highest spirits, but there’s some fairly emotionally charged responses coming from you that are regrettable. The mandate of the CoM is to graduate physicians that are suitable and needed by the province. As such, 100(ish) students graduate every year and, relatedly, some 120 residency positions are filled. Medicine is a very competitive program attractive highly qualified applicants and, therefore, it is important that every available seat is filled for the good of the program and for the mandate to be fulfilled. As such,
  2. My understanding is that the final class list is probably finalized or very close to finalized by now. With the incoming 2019 class applications live and class registrations live, it seems unlikely that anything but last minute spot changes are occurring.
  3. The White Coat Ceremony for 2018 is currently planned for September 28th @ Prairieland Park. As with previous years, the CoM Fall Formal will follow on Sept 29th.
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