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  1. This is a very good point I hadn't considered at all. I just assumed the PT and OT placement catchment areas were the same. My apologies. I am speaking from the PT side of things and can 100% confirm that catchment boundary line for PT I spoke of earlier. I have a 2nd year Western OT colleague who will be getting back to me shortly regarding the placement boundary lines for OT so I can pass the message onto you. So sorry for the confusion, did not even realize our catchment areas were potentially different!
  2. I'm very sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Orillia is not one of the options. It might be part of Toronto's catchment. London's catchment extends only as north and west as Kitchener and Owen Sound. Owen Sound is the furthest from London you can travel within catchment, with Windsor being a close second. I'm not sure where you were looking for the catchment, but in the Western handbook, they're colour coded so you know what catchment is London's. Anything purple is London catchment, Orillia is in an orange. This would be a question for the clinical coordinator. I'm not sure if any PT clin
  3. Current 2nd year MPT at Western. Out of catchment placements are not that common, some are easier to make happen than others. Toronto is not easy to make happen, as they only offer so many placements/year to students outside their catchment area and if you apply to want to do Toronto, it's a lottery draw as to whether you'll be able to do that or not. If there's only 9 spots available for your class and there's 14 of you that want Toronto at some point, 5 people are going to get their heart broken. Kind of sucks, but U of T students obviously need to be taken care of first as it is their catch
  4. Absolutely not. If you can afford it and you’d be equally happy getting either PT or OT, go for it! More chances for you to get something at the end of the day!
  5. Current 2nd year MPT student at UWO. If anyone has questions about the application process or the program in general, don’t hesitate to shoot questions my way!
  6. Each school has a different number of students that they accept for the program. For Western, I'm the class of 2021 and we have 80 spots available, up from 70 spots the year prior. U of T has I believe 100-110 spots. Mac I'm not sure on how many slots there are, but I would gather it'd be around 70-80. Western may have upped the spots again for students and had very few who accepted through the first round. It's doubtful, but possible since there is room in the classrooms and needed to fill multiple spots where students didn't accept because they may have chose U of T for example, who accepts
  7. Western for my class (MPT 2021) required either Basic Life Support (First Aid) OR CPR-C (just CPR). I did the CPR-C because for my local class offering, half was online and then I had to attend in person from 8-12 on a Saturday, as opposed to doing a whole day or a Whole weekend worth of stuff. Western will send you the info beginning to mid July with the exact requirements. We didn’t receive our info until mid-late July, but they were delayed I believe due to administration re-structuring. Keep an eye out, it’ll be coming soon!
  8. I just finished first year in the PT program and my status is still “accepted offer”, so it won’t change, don’t worry. Once you’ve accepted the offer and got that green circle, you are good to go!
  9. Kitchener is pretty much the end point to the east. The catchment area goes as south as Windsor, as north as Owen sound, and everything in between and west. You can do a placement in the GTA, but they only have about 7 spots open for the school/year that you must let the clinical director at the school know. Basically you say yes I want to do the GTA within the first few weeks, your name goes into a hat with the rest of the students in first year who say they want the GTA and if you get your name drawn, great you get to do one placement in the GTA at some point, if you’re not drawn, uNfortunat
  10. Hey everyone! Congratulations to all who applied. Whether you have received acceptances or are wait listed or rejected, you should all be proud you took the step that you did. You’ve probably heard it 1000 times, but do not get discouraged if you weren’t accepted. Your time will come! I’m a current Western MPT student that is willing to answer any questions you may have about the program coming into the new year. I know it will look much different than what I went through this past fall, but the faculty are doing everything they can to make sure you don’t miss out on important informat
  11. Applied + (PT or OT?): McMaster, Western (both PT)Accepted: McMasterWaitlisted: Western (lower third)Rejected:GPA: sGPA: 3.95, cGPA: 3.85 I am excited I was accepted to McMaster, but Western was my dream school to get into. I'm putting this out there on this thread to just talk about this and see if anyone has any advice, or if anyone here is currently attending the PT program at McMaster to provide some information on how the classes run, time frames, etc. I'm finding myself needing to make a difficult decision over the next few days. My wife is pregnant with our first child and I cou
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