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  1. I just noticed that in addition to the zippers, the stitching on the black stripes at the top left and right of the bag are green (not sure if this was seen already). ALL BETS ON GREEN!!
  2. To start off, what do you mean by "it's not high enough"? Does this mean that it simply has not made the school's cutoff which you are applying to? If so, no personal statement will be able to compensate for the score, as your application will not be eligible. With that being said, if you simply think your score is low, however it is still eligible, I'd advise to still apply to your prospective schools. If you don't mind sharing your MCAT score and schools you are looking to apply to, I (and I'm sure many people on this forum) would be happy to give you realistic advice on whether your MC
  3. I am as well and also accepted on May 11 but still no letter. Probably just takes time as you mentioned, theres a lot of us to process.
  4. Close, but not quite. If you are eligible for AGPA, your lowest 30 credits in a single year will be dropped. Therefore, if you took more than 30 credits, only the lowest 30 will be removed and the rest will still contribute towards your AGPA. Here is a blurb directly from the UBC Admissions website. At most, 30 credits can be dropped. If more than 30 credits are presented in the worst academic year, the 30 credits with the lowest grades will be removed. It will be lowest year after converting your grades to percentage, as UBC does not use GPA but rather a percent
  5. The lowest 30 credits in one particular year are dropped. I believe summer courses are counted, except for the summer before the current application cycle, ie this summer's grades will not count towards the AQ calculation (I could be wrong on this, so someone please correct me if so).
  6. MD Financial/CMA just announced today that the company will be sold to Scotia bank. Do you think this will effect the class of 2022 from receiving an MD financial backpack??
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