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  1. hey anyone know of a good CIBC rep dealing with medical line of credits? can't seem to find an advisor online except actually applying online
  2. When the new limits for Scotia professional line are officially announced would they automatically update for all students with a existing professional line of credit or would you have to ask your advisor to update it?
  3. hey any news on when Scotia bank will be updating the new changes (eg. limit increase etc). Ive been Patiently waiting and excited to see what they will be
  4. Not sure but maybe Scotia is waiting for June 7 election and to see who will govern queens park in Toronto. most head quarters for the major banks are located. im curious what the updates will be hopefully they will have details soon
  5. not critical too buy just wanted to help my parents out with some down payment on a house they were looking to buy. they will be paying the mortgage on it. but if you don't need it for a mortgage do you think the 275 limit can be increased to 300 or 350K?
  6. Can you increase your 275K line of credit? currently with Scotia and looking to get a mortgage and use some down payment from the PSLOC. any one ever ask Scotia for an increase pass the max limit? I know td has 300K as the max limit
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