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  1. I would love to start something up!
  2. I would love to be a part of this as well! If someone could PM me, that would be great
  3. I guess that pretty natural considering the pressure prior to med lol. Would you say that EC involvement/research earlier on might be necessary if you are gunning for a hyper competitive speciality?
  4. Research involvement seems to be the most important "EC" for med students from what I can gather on this forum- perhaps even the only one that carries any major significance. I'm not a med student but I think we share the same concerns! I was definitely under the impression that ECs mattered for residency on some level. With time spent between classes, studying, and research during med, I'm not really sure what else one would have time for outside of the weekends perhaps. I'm also a huge lover of the gym/exercise, so I think I would personally go insane if I didn't incorporate that into my med
  5. Do you think that research/extracurriculars are important on some level for the purpose of matching to certain specialities? Otherwise a residency application would basically boil down to reference letters/elective performance if I am not mistaken.
  6. Is there any particular reason why it feels as though there is one? Perhaps the feeling of a hyper competitive environment (even though most med programs are pass/fail)? I was under the impression that ECs mattered on some level for creating a competitive CV for matching. Beyond reference letters and maybe some research, do extracurriculars make any difference on a CV for matching purposes? I am not really sure how one would distinguish themselves from other applicants otherwise beyond the other elements I listed. Regardless though, its comforting to hear that med students have time
  7. The way they have it structured would make it seem as though it is assessed competitively. Some of the things they ask for, like ranking med applicants, seems so arbitrary and subjective... I'm not even sure what to make of it
  8. Why would this be the case? There are many hard working, capable students and young professionals who have weathered this pandemic to the best of their abilities. COVID has been a setback for pandemic era students (and literally everyone else), but that doesn't mean many of us won't find success down the line.
  9. What do extracurricular activities look like for the average Canadian med student? I know this obviously varies a lot based on personal preferences, circumstances, etc, but what I am essentially asking is if there's an EC "arms race" in med school like there is amongst med gunners during undergrad? Med school seems to be more time consuming than undergrad for most people based on what I hear (I can't speak from personal experience here), so I am not sure how much time people have for things outside of their academics, or even how important those things are. I know that research is a
  10. I wonder if this means that they used CASPer to screen some people out above that original 1.5 SD below the average cutoff?
  11. R - (OOP) MCAT: 512 GPA: 3.9 Maritime connection: Not the strongest/most direct connection, but I definitely put a ton of effort into the essay. I felt pretty good about it and connected it to a lot of tangible experiences I had that were relevant to maritime issues, and several users on this site were nice enough to help me with crafting it. Man, I just want to be able to receive an interview for once lol. Definitely disappointing, but I cannot believe some of the people that have gotten rejected today. Meeting the IP cutoffs apparently isn't an automatic interview, and plen
  12. Question: how do they find your FB profile in order to invite you? Do they just search you up, or is some sort of link sent to your email?
  13. Sounds like a plan! Is every other dental school pretty much out of reach for myself? And is shadowing considered to be an admission requirment in some sense? I have a good amount of experince outside of academics, but nothing is explictly dental related.
  14. Has anyone here done a masters in public policy? I have been considering pursuing one for the sake of a related career. Any thoughts, experinces or advice is appreciated.
  15. Agreed. This promise obviously sounds appealing, but anyone somewhat knowledgable on the topic would be aware of the problems inherent wiith creating a new medical school. Without at least an equivalent increase in residency spots, this seems like a totally useless initiative imo. I don't mean to offend anyone excited by this promise- I am merely stating that things aren't that simple
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