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  1. I think @medhopeful2024 hit the nail on the head, a lot of the recent adds to the FB group were likely upper year med students. I don't think we can really rely on the FB group as an accurate measure. Additionally, in the most recent blog post Dr. P said that 276 offers were made in 2018-2019. By comparison, if you add the Offered and Registered + Offered Deferred + Offer Declined for 2018-2019, you get 135+18+92=245. There is a discrepancy of 31 offers between what Dr. P said and what AFMC has reported. Also, AFMC says 15.8% of Foreign applicants to U of C were successful, but U of C doe
  2. I'm also thinking the first wave of waitlist offers will come out on Friday or the Tuesday after the long weekend. Hopefully we will get a blog post that lets us know for certain. Also, does anyone have any idea as to why they sent 200 initial offers in 2019, 170 in 2020, but only 150 this year? The available seats don't seem to have varied much, in fact I think there are 5 additional seats available compared to last year
  3. This is good to know! Was it Dr. P that mentioned that the OOP 15% limit is usually not reached?
  4. Yeah, I would really like to know if the first big wave of waitlist offers will be sent out next Friday or after the long weekend. This waiting game feels like an eternity
  5. You are correct, OOP waitlisters as a group would likely have higher final scores due to the higher pre-score cutoffs and would thus be more likely to get accepted off the waitlist. My example was simply a hypothetical one comparing two made up waitlisters. I'm pretty sure that the way the waitlist works was detailed in a blog post sometime way back although I don't remember the precise post.
  6. Is anyone a bit worried about receiving a waitlist phone call instead of an email? I'm worried I might miss a call because I'm at work or something like that haha (seriously though)
  7. Waitlist offers go out based upon applicant's final scores regardless of IP status. If an IP waitlisted applicant has a higher final score (pre-interview + interview) than an OOP waitlister, the IP applicant would have priority for getting in
  8. Waitlisted Hopefully there is some movement. I feel so close yet so far
  9. Wondering about this as well. Knowing what sort of timeline we are looking at for waitlist offers would be ideal So we will likely be waiting until the end of May for the first big wave to come out assuming they are doing things similar to last year? Wondering if those with offers still have 2 weeks to respond like last year
  10. Result: Waitlisted 3:30PM MST Geography: IP GPA: 3.87 MCAT: 126 CARS Degree: BSc ECs: An absolute ton of work with youth mentorship/teaching/leadership, a lot of work with a specific vulnerable population/cultural community, long term sports and fitness activities, multiple research activities across different fields, some mental health stuff. Tried to write about my areas of interest and passions by focusing in on some key themes. Interview: I think most stations were "good," but I had 2 areas that I think I botched. Funny enough, I tried to set aside all
  11. This thread is so wholesome that I have already run out of reactions to give out for the day
  12. Yep, it has been a nice distractor along with some of the other activities I try to stay busy with. Even so offers are still top of mind lol Honestly with so much of society still shut down and no real ability to vacation I welcome the early start haha
  13. Really struggling to stay productive. I can't help but think how I would finally be able to just relax once more before classes start if I get in
  14. Dr. P said he would notify us before they come out on the blog I think. If we are at least given a heads up beforehand I'm okay with it. I just don't want to randomly receive the email with no heads up, I gotta mentally prepare myself first
  15. Yes the individual was apparently notified. My understanding was that it was afterwards but I could be wrong
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