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  1. Been wondering this as well, I don't think the blog has mentioned anything
  2. https://wpsites.ucalgary.ca/mdadmissions/2021/06/30/re-class-of-2024-officially-full/ Looks like its over. I wonder how many WL offers were made. Thanks for toughing it out with me yall
  3. I would think it would only be a few days at this point given how close we are to classes starting, but the slow movement would suggest otherwise. Only someone who got a waitlist offer or a staff member can tell us at the end of the day
  4. Anyone else shocked that the class supposedly hasn't been filled yet? Orientation literally starts in like 10 days. I presume that at least one of the two final offers that were sent in the last blog post was turned down given that we haven't had any updates since then. I know its basically over but I just want closure and to be able to move on with my life...
  5. Does anyone think that WL movement is over and the blog just hasn't been updated to reflect that yet?
  6. Maybe there are still 1 or 2 seats that haven't been claimed, or there have been some people giving up their seats/deposits? I know its hard to believe at this point, but I would think Dr. P would have posted something otherwise. Maybe its just wishful thinking on my part...
  7. I'm sorry my friend, it's definitely a terrible feeling. I keep thinking about all the great people I met while applying this cycle that will likely become periphery contacts since they are starting med and I will be somewhere else. The FOMO on the med experience and drifting away from those people sucks. If its any solace, when our time comes, we will have a new cohort of amazing people to forge meaningful connections with. Even so, this cycle isn't over quite yet
  8. Anyone hear anything today? I'm kinda surprised that we haven’t heard from Remo that the 10 remaining seats have been filled at this point. All my WL friends made it off and I want to scream into the void LOL (very happy for them don’t get me wrong!)
  9. I would like to say some hard data on that. I've heard that dentistry is becoming somewhat saturated (esp in urban areas), but I don't think we can make statements like that with certainity
  10. Congrats to everyone that got an offer earlier today! Most if not all of the 10 offers that went out today will likely be filled. Maybe the WL will move a bit with the odd person giving up their seat/deposit or turning down their WL offer, so I'm thinking its safe to say the chances of getting off the WL are pretty remote at this point
  11. I'm also thinking the next round of offers will go out tomorrow but only time will tell
  12. Looks like we are in the final stretch here I wonder if any offers went out yesterday or today?
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