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  1. late post, but posting for future students: Accepted/ off the waitlist GPA: 89.7 best 2yrs DAT (AA/RC/PAT): 25/2122 Interview performance (personal opinion): think it went well, lots of laughs as well as "that's insightful" comments , did a lot of research into professional codes of ethics, research and volunteer opportunities at UWO that related to my own that I could speak to, but admittedly got so caught up in that I did not speak about myself as a person beyond my passion for dentistry. ABS: lots of extra curriculars and research, dental and denture clinic exposure
  2. @member 12345679 Do you mean 8 ppl after security deposit in June, or installment in August?
  3. I wouldnt bank on it, those are usually soft deadlines for the admitting class
  4. so i'm guessing everyone paid the deposit, has anyone contacted admissions to confirm? if that's the case, us HWL-ers don't have much hope left :/ this time last year, there was more movement after the deposit date, so i'm guessing either the people who were contacted and pulled off HWL after the deposit date didn't post about it and are still deciding (I think they get a few days) or, all deposits are paid and class is full
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