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  1. Good to know! How do I name my company without naming my company... I can honestly describe duties and descriptions and have a verifier, but cannot state the company name without revealing the employment position, which I am almost certain is not going to go over well with med adcoms. Need something that isn't lying but isn't completely revealing.
  2. So I work in a field that would be inadvisable to mention on my application, yet would like to include the work experience (will need some creative editing to make it medschool appropriate). I am a previous applicant but have not included this work experience to date. Would I be penalized by including work experience in the next cycle even if I hadn't mentioned it in a previous cycle though my timeline of employment would have extended to before I even applied the first time? ex: applying this 2018/19 cycle though the work began prior to 2016 and I have previously applied in 2017/18 an
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