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  1. You always have a chance with a good GPA. Your extracurriculars are key! so make sure you word them well and you will be golden. It is important to apply because you never know if that is gonna turn into an offer. GL
  2. If your ECs are good. You can get an interview! I would still apply since your GPA is awesome.
  3. You have good chances tbh at mac uoft and ottawa depending on ur casper.
  4. Apply to NYU for free tuition,georgetown and apply to Tulane university. Also Ivy leagues
  5. is the card waived for all 4 years or is it charged initially and then waived once we call or meet an advisor?
  6. I got approved so do i need to speak with the same advisors or can it be different?
  7. Is it possible to switch scotia advisors? I got approved for 300,000$ but I am unhappy with my current advisor and would love some help.
  8. I am so sorry this happened and hope you were able to get the issue handled. I believe we as future doctors can improve the system in the future by streamlining the processes and improve patient outcomes/collaboration w/ health professionals.
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