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  1. I personally love it tbh - all the past years just look so boring to me!
  2. On another note, do you guys happen to know how sending in the final transcript works? Is it done electronically through the OMSAS website like during the initial submission? The reason I ask is because I missed the original deadline (since I was still on the waitlist), and have now been told that I need to submit a new transcript with my updated credits.
  3. Yeah mine says it's closed too. That's probably the only thing that I can do at this point, but I'll probably give it a day or two for OMSAS to reply. Thanks for the advice
  4. Yeah I did accept it on SOLUS, but their email was really firm about telling me I needed to accept it on both platforms when I asked
  5. Thank you guys both for the advice, but when I basically emailed the school saying this, they told me I still needed to accept it on OMSAS and said "there should be no reason that you cannot accept your offer on OMSAS as we have spoken with them to confirm that you are able to." Not only that, but OMSAS is not taking calls or answering my emails.
  6. Hi guys, I was very recently moved off of a waitlist and given just 4 days to accept my offer, but I noticed that the link for OMSAS doesn't seem available for me. I brought up this to my school, to which they said I still have to meet the deadline no matter what, and OMSAS hasn't answered my email yet. Does anyone know how to deal with this situation?
  7. Thank you guys! I have to admit that I'm not too knowledgeable about using this website, but I'd be happy to answer any questions that I can on my PMs
  8. just got off the waitlist! - timestamp: 2:03pm
  9. it would definitely be lower. They're trying to fill up the class as soon as they can with these waves, I personally wouldn't gamble a Mac offer on it
  10. Thanks guys! And are there a certain number of rounds that we can expect?
  11. Same here. Does anyone know when the waitlist acceptances get announced?
  12. Or what if this was mcmasters replacement for the mmi to see how we respond to pressure
  13. I know you didnt do it on purpose but you probably just gave 50 premeds a heart attack lol What a ride this is turning out to be
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