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  1. Anyone know of any movement yet? The head game of waiting list continues!
  2. I took this course. I finished it quickly, but it was a grind. Personally, I wouldn't take it. the course content was confusing, the exams were very difficult and weren't reflective of the course content taught. I did it as a hell mary and passed, but if you have another place to do it, do it there!
  3. @easyteeth This was incorrect, I was looking at last year's forum and it was 8 people who were admitted into the Facebook group (After installment in August) @molarpower was correct it was 3 people :(. Fingers crossed for everyone!
  4. Question, my original waitlist letter sounded like I was on the normal waiting list, but when I asked in July the wording sounded like the high waiting list? Can you move to HWL, or is it only the first 20 people and doesn't change? Fingers crossed it'll move in August (last year looks like roughly 8 people got off the waitlist after first installment of tuition was due)
  5. Does anyone think the waiting list may move this week because most documents were due last Friday?
  6. I got the same email and am on the waitlist. I'm pretty positive this was not mentioned. Anyone know if it has to be from Ontario or can be from somewhere else?
  7. They indicated they couldn't say. Anyone know what the tuition is due?
  8. What is one's prediction of the waiting list moving after July? I'm in a master thesis program (defending June 20th) and am finishing a physiology course before the end of July. I'm on the waitlist and it's my letter just says waitlist and I have to complete those two things before June 30th. Also anyone else in this position? (Western)
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