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  1. https://tenor.com/view/watch-watching-movies-popcorn-michael-jackson-gif-5698301
  2. I had that issue and combined them (I put intramural from 2 diff sports and two diff schools together), I just asked my verifier to say they knew I played in the other league and sent them a text with what i said in the abs box so worst case scenario, they school actually calls them, then they could just they know you did the other league too. Depends who your verifiers are tho if they’re not chill then maybe just put the more significant one or just risk it and put both bc they prob won’t call to check lol
  3. Im old so I’ve had a lot of time to do activities/research but I condensed 80+ items (counting each pub for example as one item) into the 32 spots last year and got into western, idk if western looks at the regular abs but I grouped things for their abbreviated abs essays and it worked for that. I also used the “Summer or Academic year” to provide more info so instead of just saying summer I’d be like in the summer I Collected patient data, analyzed blah blah, then in academic year i did x y z. I did the same thing when it asks for full time or part time, so you get a lot more space that way,
  4. lol watch this thread gets OP bare girls in his DMs and ends up getting laid from this
  5. I didn't (I imagine it's fine though) but if anyone is wondering about using the same verifier for multiple activities, I did that and it worked out. Just used friends that were involved in the activities with me. I had 6 verifiers I think for the 8 essays (used 2 ppl twice).
  6. I actually did some reading on the premed forums before I asked my question and ended up joining the group then. It asks for a license in the facebook questions to join the group, but I just wrote in that part that I'm a med student trying to get an early start and they accepted me into the group. Thanks for all the replies everyone, I probably won't talk much about investing b/c I don't really have anything to invest (still in debt from undergrad). I think I'll meet with them anyway to see what they have to say and take everything with a grain of salt. I'm doing a lot of self-education t
  7. I'm an incoming infant (first year med student) trying to set up financial stuff so I make my life easier in the future. I'm going to meet with MD financial and ask a bit about: - insurance - scholarships - budgeting I just wanted to check with you veterans out there, is there anything else that would be useful to ask discuss? I'm just trying to set myself up well from the beginning b/c I don't know much about finance. Thanks
  8. I emailed Norma about the Schulich scholarship, she said some have gone out already but most haven’t. She said they will all prob be out by the end of August. I think there’s 16 of them.
  9. Has anyone heard of the credit card promos being renewed after July 1st? I’m away on a trip and won’t be back until after July 1st to activate my cards. I swear I heard the scotia woman say that the deals will likely be renewed after July 1st. Anyone else heard if they run these promos later into the summer?
  10. Was Windsor your first choice? Edit: sorry my screen didn’t load, I see now that someone already asked this.
  11. How’d you guys feel about your writing sample portion of the interview day? Maybe they rejected ppl that didn’t get a pass on the writing sample?
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