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  1. What skills and experiences are administrators looking for when they say "clinical experience"? Is it proof of competency in patient care? Understanding of a hospital environment? Application/awareness of ethics? Because I'm applying for a shadowing mentorship program and one of the requirements is previous clinical experience (although the coordinator initially told me it was unnecessary). Really what I'm wondering is how I might use my experience being an assistant to the lead forensic anthropologist on forensic investigations as 'clinical experience'. (the
  2. I'm an anthropology major, and have no publications as of yet (hopefully soon but I'm not counting on it for next years application cycle). But I do have a fair amount of research and field experience in biological anthro (data collection, excavation, forensic recovery of human remains). Will this be viewed by adcoms the same as if it were, microbio research or something? Is all research viewed similarly or should I seek opportunities in, for example, my university's cancer cell lab?
  3. Does anyone know how most medical schools assess transfer credits? I'm finishing my undergrad at BU, but almost all of my elective courses required to graduate were completed at a different school and were transferred to BU as a "Pass". I'm wondering how this will be taken into calculating my GPA.
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