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  1. Hi everyone, Due to some personal complications, I was unfortunately not able to complete my interview at Queen's during the first weekend that recently passed. Is there anybody who has registered for an interview this upcoming weekend but is planning not to show up (for a variety of different reasons, ie: acceptance into another program)? If there is, I would really appreciate it if you could reach out and send me a message. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. I was unfortunately locked out of my account after one attempt this morning at 8:30 AM EST under the claim that I had tried to login unsuccessfully too many times. I have trouble flying in from BC to make this interview during this weekend and would be greatly appreciative if someone could switch spots with me during the second weekend. I know it's a long shot but thanks in advance!
  3. Hey everyone, I've recently looked into a few of the threads about American Medical schools and it seems as though clinical experience is very much emphasized. I was wondering whether it's still worth the application if I do not have any real clinical experience. Some insight would be greatly appreciated! I'll post some more information about myself below: Completed B.Sc at UBC Overall GPA: 3.86 MCAT: 512 Research Experience: Research Assistant in the summer of 2015 (medical genetics) Research Assistant 2015-2016 (diabetes) Research Assistant 2016 (ophth
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