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  1. It took about 2 days for mine to show up (paid on monday morning, showed up today in the morning)
  2. Got call off HWL at 11:23 today! edit: congrats to those who have received offers and good luck to those on WL... hoping that you all get calls
  3. Im hoping its small enough that at least the hwl will clear. Feeling pretty bummed rn tbh
  4. I highly doubt this. an accepted person should get priority for campus preference over a WL person. so it look like there weren't enough declines for accepted (londons) to allow for all unspecified to get their first choice.
  5. Probably that less than 38 people are going to get offers from the WL considering thats the size of windsor.. which may not even clear the HWL.
  6. Good call to check this though. i was also wondering if there might be any significance. HWL at 9:06 am posted on this page at the bottom
  7. Someone got a high WL on the other accepted thread at 9:06 am. Also, I see london offers at 9:01 and 9:02 am and unspecific offers at 8:58 and 8:59 am. I don't think they mean anything within accepted/H/N/L in terms of ranking.
  8. Does anyone know what year the HWL didn't clear?? I've looked through old waitlist threads and don't recall not seeing at least one person post from the normal waitlist each year.
  9. Although it might feel that way, people are probably less likely to post if the outcome isn't favorable so don't beat yourself up about it.
  10. Result: High Waitlist Timestamp: 9:04 AM 2-year GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 130/128/131 Interview: In person. Felt OK and like i could have prepared more, and think this is what pulled me down since GPA doesn't seem to be a major player in acceptances. Year: Gap year, working Geography: Non-SWOMEN
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