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  1. Time Stamp: 9:31 WL Ranking (H, N, L): N Accepting Another Offer (Y/N): Y
  2. Also got an acceptance - will be declining. Hope this opens up a seat for someone else!
  3. Yeah, 2 years of undergrad would be the best way to become competitive for the most number of schools. Full course load requirements do kind of vary by university however what is full course load for a uni is not always a full course for a med school. So, it would be best if you research the med school websites to find out what they consider to be a full course load. That being said, full course load for most med schools is 5 courses per semester for the fall and winter semester so 10 courses in total. Every med school also has slightly different rules for how they weigh summer courses s
  4. Not sure if taking one extra course would count towards your gpa since most med schools want full-time studies. Even if it does, meeting the minimum of 75% doesn't mean you will be competitive. Putting all your eggs in one basket by "meeting the minimums" for one med school might not be the most fool-proof approach either. Unfortunately, there's no shortcut to increase your gpa and gpa is a big part of med admissions. Yes, you can get in with a lower gpa but if you really want to maximize your chances at the most number of schools, it might be best to do 2 years of undergrad.
  5. I would suggest familiarizing yourself with Calgary's admissions process too. They actually look at ECs and life experiences heavily so that could favour you. If you do 2 years of full-time undergrad, you can invoke their 10-year exclusion rule so your previous gpa wouldn't count. They also look at CARS so if you get a great GPA and CARS, you probably have a great shot at Calgary, even as an out of province applicant.
  6. Maybe your first undergraduate degree will count since it's completed? Might be worth emailing them to ask or maybe someone who knows can chime in... I'm not sure about this
  7. You probably have a better if not equal shot at Western, assuming you have decent experiences to talk about in the abbreviated ABS. Might be worth applying there too since Western only takes your best two year gpa (and you don't have to write CASPer for them either).
  8. Thanks for taking the time to give me meaningful advice on improving my chances for next cycle! Your advice for structuring interview answers was very helpful!
  9. I haven’t heard of anyone getting off the wait list yet and I haven’t heard back from Mac either.
  10. For those who were waitlisted, your documents are still showing up as required right? And status is still pending? Just making sure!
  11. I can't help but wish that I had an in-person interview rather than a virtual one. No way of knowing whether that might have changed the result for me but I wish there was some transparency with the stats comparing # of applicants accepted from in-person vs. virtual interviews to put my mind at ease.
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