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    anonymouspanda reacted to Scrubadubdub in Western Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets 2021   
    Time Stamp: 9:12 am ET
    Accepted/WL/R: ACCEPTED (London)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    SWOMEN (Y/N): N
    2YGPA: 3.82 (possibly 3.9 but i don't think 1 of my years counted)
    MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 128/129/127
    Interview Experience: I felt good immediately after, but then I started second guessing and doubting myself a minute later. Spent March/April dreading a waitlist/R. Looking back now - Westerns interview gives you a great opportunity to share who you are. I was positive and upbeat throughout my interview and really showed them how happy I was to be there. I shared my stories and tried to show them who I was with every single question. 
    I've spent 10 years on this forum reading through these threads and wishing I could write one of these one day. I started my undergraduate degree in 2011 and took 2 extra years to complete it cause my GPA was terrible (My GPA in my first year was 1.6 - I studied so hard but I had all the wrong study habits carrying over from high school). It has been a grind. I can remember going back into my basement for my 4th summer in a row studying for the MCAT all so that I could improve my CARS score from a 125 to a 129 (and of course, thats the year Western drops their cut off haha).
    I'm the first person in my family to go to university and now the first person to go to medical school. 
    I've seen so many of my friends start their lives, while I've been stuck in limbo. I've been out of school for 4 years trying at this dream. Being placed on the normal waitlist last year was HARD. I woke up every day that summer thinking I would get the call.. It feels surreal to get to this point. If medicine is truly what you want, KEEP GOING. Find that school that fits your strengths and give it your all. All you need is one. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. 
    If any one of you feels like you need someone to talk to or want more information or advice feel free to send me a message. So many people have helped me on this forum and written up such thoughtful and helpful responses. I know i couldn't have done this alone. I have a lot of people to thank  
    Cannot believe I'm finally here   
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    anonymouspanda reacted to Scrubadubdub in May 11 Countdown Party 2021!   
    Just checked and I GOT IN AT WESTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Started undergrad in 2011, 4 years working now and away from school... I honestly felt so sad and dreadful yesterday anticipating an R or waitlist and couldn’t check until I woke up this morning 
    I can’t believe it. Thank you all so much for being so supportive in this thread. I’m hoping for the best for each and every one of you!! 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to gliostudies in Western Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets 2021   
    Time Stamp: 12:01
    Accepted/WL/R: Accepted (London Campus)
    IP/OOP: IP 
    SWOMEN (Y/N): Y
    2YGPA: One year at 3.8 (just completed a special year)
    MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 125/130/127
    Interview Experience (good, bad, neutral etc): overall pretty good !! there were a few questions that I physically cringe when I think of my answers but I guess that didn't ruin my chances. Panel wasn't cold but they definitely had pretty good poker faces on lol 
    Im so excited and so happy, incredibly grateful to have this opportunity. With a low cGPA and having to complete a special year I was worried I didn't have a shot and was wasting my time. 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to newmy88 in May 11 Countdown Party 2021!   
    Here we go, last couple hours till midnight! 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to abcd1288 in May 11 Countdown Party 2021!   
    Gonna stay up til midnight!
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    anonymouspanda reacted to mdhopeful26 in May 11 Countdown Party 2021!   
    Reporting to the party!
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    anonymouspanda reacted to Spar in May 11 Countdown Party 2021!   
    When does this party start yall, my blood pressure is thru the roof 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to themedtrek in Med student - Night before D-Day...what I wish I could tell myself   
    Hi all! 
    I haven't been on this website in forever now.  I am tired and procrastinating studying right now, and was thinking about where I was a year ago. I thought I would write a quick note to you all, sorry for any bad grammar... like I said I am tired, med school is super busy right now. 
    Sooo, like many of you, I eagerly watched the forums and stayed up late to see my results got caught up in the whole button gate. I was lucky enough to get three interviews with Ontario Schools last cycle. I'll be honest I didn't handle the stress of applying to medical school well, I waited up late to see the OMSAS portal update and was devastated when I didn't get any offers. I ended up getting waitlisted to all three. I eventually got off the waitlist and am now in med. I will be honest waiting on the waitlist was probably one of the hardest things I ever did. Even now, thinking back to how I felt a year ago  I instantly feel sick to my stomach. I'm surprised I didn't get a stomach ulcer while I was waiting. There are so many things I wish I could have told myself last year, so instead, I thought I would tell you. 
    1. Take a deep breath
    Okay, this is easier said than done... but seriously, take a big breath! Tomorrow you find out if you get into medical school, yes it's a big big moment in your life but there are so many other things in your life. When I got waitlisted, I felt like I died inside. I had so many bad thoughts. 
    "How could I screw up 3 interviews, and I that much of an idiot???" or "I wasted a year of my life and thousands of dollars for nothing"
    It's hard not to go to a dark place when you get rejected/waitlisted but I hope you can focus on the positives. Think how far you have come, how you were earned an interview, you didn't waste a year. I am on the younger side and I felt this pressure to get into med right away. I felt awful thinking of applying again and "wasting" another year of my life but seeing all my classmates in med there is honestly no rush. Med students are all ages and when you get here does not matter much in the long run. Most importantly, just because the result wasn't one you wanted doesn't mean everything is over.  
    2. Lean on your loved ones. 
    For myself, after getting waitlisted, I wanted to stay in my room all day and cry. COVID added to this, but I didn't want to talk to any of my friends or my mom. I pretty much hid in my room for 2 weeks, feeling sorry for myself. If I weren't so distant, I would have noticed how much my mom was trying to support me and would have felt better soon. A really important note I want to say is that whatever the result is tomorrow, you never have an excuse to be rude or mean to people. Perhaps in my darkest hour, I definitely told my mom to go away and stop trying to make me feel better. I regret that, and although everything is fine now, I wish I could have changed how I handed the waitlist news. If you get bad news tomorrow, challenge yourself and think of it as a practice for when you are a stressed doctor or if you got bad news about your patient. Don't let the news turn you bitter and compromise your values and morals. 
    3. Leave things up to "destiny" 
    So I am not a big fate or destiny person; however, so times, you just have to let things be.  I was 100 percent the person last year trying to figure out about the mystery button. I was the person looking at the interview threads trying to see who had better GPA's or MCAT scores than me. I was one of the people who helped figure out the Ottawa waitlist placement based on the timestamps. I was the person counting how many people were in the med class Facebook groups. In the end did any of this help me get in??? No... my interview was done, it was out of my control. I would either get off the waitlist or not no matter if I spent time on those things.  But doing all that did not help my stress levels and honestly was a waste of time!  At some point, you have just to let, god, fate, destiny, the universe... whatever you want to call it to do its thing. Sometimes knowing you have no control can be freeing. Instead, focus on what you can control, such as trying to relax and enjoy the moment. This is definitely easier said than done, and I am sure some of you won't agree with me, and tbh I wonder if I will be able to do this when residency matching happens for me. But it is something I notice the doctors I have met do. They understand there is only so much you can do, and sometimes you just have to leave things up to the universe, and it a skill I want to practice since I know it will make me a better doctor. 
    Anyways here are some things I wish I could tell thinking back to last year.   I wish you all the best of luck no matter what way things go. If you get waitlisted, don't freak out; there is still alot of hope. The waitlists can move alot. If you get a rejection, that is okay too. Take the time to accept that it sucks. When you are ready, start moving forward, reflect on what you have learned this past cycle and apply again if you think you are ready. 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to IMislove in May 11 Countdown Party 2021!   
    Likewise. The journey can be a long one, you will hear it’s a marathon not a sprint many times. I applied 5 times, interviewed twice at queens. Life keeps moving forward and so you must as well. For those who truly want it, you can and will find a way. But it does take sacrifice, grit, and time to go through this process. Remember this path is not the only path in life, so don’t let it define you. Best of luck tomorrow. 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to Scrubadubdub in May 11 Countdown Party 2021!   
    I can't believe we're finally on the last day of waiting for May 11. I remember starting my OMSAS application in July and seeing that the first round of offers are sent out May 11 which felt so far away..... it feels unreal that tomorrow is THE day. 
    I wish we could all get in and hope that we all do. We've all worked so hard to get to this point. 
    Corniness aside though, I have work today and I know i'll spend most of it trying not to have a heart attack every time I think of results coming out 

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    anonymouspanda reacted to garceyues in 2021 UCalgary Interview Invites/Regrets   
    Result: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Invite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    wGPA: 3.87
    MCAT: 512, 126 CARS!!!!!!
    Year: Graduated
    Geography: IP
    ECs: I think this was the decisive factor for me. You can see the U of A invites/rejections thread for my specific activities, but my U of C top 10 was crafted around some very specific themes that spanned multiple activities and experiences. I sought to tell somewhat of a story with my entries to showcase my personal growth and how I was personally impacted. I grouped as many as ~5 activities into one entry, and I conversely dedicated three separate entries around one specific theme. Mixture of unstructured experiential activities and more traditional activities. It seems that I'm easily one of the lower stat applicants on this thread (especially with CARS), so hopefully this provides a bit of hope to those of us without exceedingly competitive stats.
    WOW, I sincerely ugly cried upon opening this email. As I got into my car after work, I opened **DELETED** to see a thread saying that U of C invites were out. I chose not to open my email till I got home because I didn't want to spoil my car ride lol. I truly thought I would never get to this point, and I am SO immensely grateful to receive an interview to a Canadian medical school. I was really down after receiving the U of A rejection, but I guess this goes to show that defeatism is not the way! This isn't over yet, and I will absolutely MMI prep myself to death, but I think its super important to take in the little victories. Thank you to everyone on this site that helped me craft my top 10, I probably wouldn't be in this position without the generosity of you all 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to smolandfeisty in 2020-2021 Interview/Regrets   
    I just wanted to pop on here and tell you that if this is your dream, DO NOT GIVE UP <3 Take some time off, take a year to re-group, but I believe in you. 
    A few points, my fine internet homie: 
    - Dr. Walker (the past dean of admissions @ U of C) said in some video I watched last summer: "if you've applied 3 years in a row, and have not received an interview, that's when it's time to rework your application". It sounds like you are 2 cycles into this process, and as we all know, it is a process indeed. You're not alone <3 
    - Apply to more schools!!! It sounds like you're applying where you're IP, which is U of A & U of C. Last year, I too only applied to 2 schools, and did not get any invites. This year I applied to 5, and so far have 2 invites -- 1 IP, 1 OOP, & waiting on U of C. I'd encourage you to apply elsewhere It sounds like you are a solid writer, and your stats are perfectly good for med IMO. Many interview with lower! (I know applying more broadly is easier said than done, but, it can be done!)
    - If med is your dream and you don't think you can spend more time applying (which I can imagine is a really tough decision) consider the USA, UK, or Australia! I have a friend who went to the UK, and is now back in Canada practicing as a physician in BC. This route has its own challenges, but at the end of the day, you would still be a doctor. 
    - Sending you virtual hugs because I know how much this sucks. Again, these are just some thoughts, but I honestly hope they help because you sound like a solid applicant and I am rooting for you (come on U of C!!!). Feel free to message me if you ever wanna chat 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to MD2B in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Result: Invited
    Time Stamp: 11:10 am

    cGPA/wGPA: cGPA 3.66/ wGPA unsure for Queens (Masters GPA was 3.96- I know they don't consider it, but hey)

    Year: 5 years post masters.
    MCAT: 125/128/127/130

    ECs: I think this is my area of strength. Currently working full time clinically in acute care as an allied health professional. I have work experience in pediatric clinics, community care, private practice, long term care, pharmacy tech in high school. I enjoy doing a lot of mentoring and guiding other undergrad/high school students who want to get into my profession. I work as a clinical educator for McMaster, U of T, Western and Georgian College. I've helped to establish health care programs and initiatives in my home community and my current hospital
    CASPer: Felt great, except one question I didn't get to read the prompt and it went to the next screen.
    I am beyond thrilled. I just want to note for other students on here- I have never taken biochem, physics, or organic chemistry. I taught myself the content for the MCAT this summer while working full time in healthcare during the pandemic. It was an absolute struggle. I know my score is by no means outstanding, but I am proud. Hoping to give some hope to future non-trads, individuals who simply can't return to school to boost their marks/take some MCAT pre-reqs, or those worried about learning the MCAT content. You can do it! So excited for my interview, good luck everyone!
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    anonymouspanda reacted to here4mydaughter in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    I find it interesting that different medical schools seem to look at different criteria.
    My daughter got interviews to some medical schools like Western but got rejected from Queen's.
    Just scrolling through the messages I noticed some applicants got a Queens interview but got rejected from Western.
    I guess that's a good thing because otherwise all medical schools would be chasing the same applicants and you'd either get all interviews or all rejects.
    Now I'm an old accountant so I'm not as smart as any of you but it seems to me that just because you get an interview does not mean your application can't be improved upon.  So I wouldn't assume that just because an applicant got an interview that you can just follow their advice.
    Sometimes a reject can simply be because a medical school has a cutoff for CARS at say 127 and you have a 126 and they didn't even look at your application.
    I think medical schools should provide feedback for a rejection.
    Then at least you know why and can improve for next time or not bother applying and wasting your time or money.
    Just thought I would give my perspective in case any of you are interested in an old man's thoughts.
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    anonymouspanda reacted to here4mydaughter in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    My daughter just got an R
    She thinks she got hurt by low CARS
    Time to move on.
    Good luck to those that got interviews.
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    anonymouspanda reacted to journeytofreakingMD in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    'no news is good news'
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    anonymouspanda reacted to here4mydaughter in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Does anyone know if there are second waves of invites?
    My daughter has no email yet.
    Or does this mean she's an R?
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    anonymouspanda reacted to PopShoppe in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Result: Invite. What.
    Time Stamp: 11:11 (make a wish)

    cGPA/wGPA: 3.63 (Yes, it is possible)/3.83

    Year: 2 years post-Master's, working in research
    MCAT: 518 (130/127/130/131)

    ECs: 3 years working in research. Tons of volunteer and employment experience. 
    CASPer: Felt no different than the previous 5 times I've taken it lol
    This is a big "bruh" moment for me. 4 years of applying with nothing and then 3 interviews this cycle. I'm on the moon. Best of luck to everyone who is on this journey as well. I hope we all make it.
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    anonymouspanda reacted to coolmom in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Result: Invite!!
    Time Stamp: 11:10 AM
    wGPA/cGPA: 3.76/3.70 (there is hope!)
    Year: Working full-time/ Completed a law and Masters degree in 2019
    MCAT: 127/131/128/130 (516)
    ECs: Filled out all sections on ABS. Full-time work experience in family law. Lots of volunteer experience in law and health care. Club exec and other standard leadership. No publications. Several research assistant positions. 2 Poster presentations and a national medical conference presentation. Several diverse awards. 
    Casper: I thought it went badly as I was cut off on almost every scenario and my typing speed is only 75wpm but it was good enough for Mac (despite a lower cGPA). 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to 1995med in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Result: INVITE I AM SHAKING!!!!
    Time Stamp: 11:10

    cGPA/wGPA: top 2 3.75 LOL 4.0 Msc

    Year: Graduated 2017 and 2019 Masters
    MCAT: 510 (127,127,128,128)

    ECs: LOTS of research and volunteering 
    CASPer: I guess good enough LOL...
    This is my 787087 cycle and I cannot believe I am posting here. This is my FIRST ever Canadian interview. 
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    anonymouspanda reacted to indefatigable in Will Donald Trump Be The Next President?   
    Yes, Trump has done his best to leave an ugly legacy and this election was much closer than what people expected.  The Supreme Court will be very conservative for decades and work to strike down progressive legislation.  If Roe vs Wade gets overturned, then it's going to be absolutely chaotic.   
    But,  the major, underlying, issue is that the "will of the people" is no longer being followed by an out-dated/non-functioning and sometimes corrupt electoral system.  
    The most egregious example is the Senate - California, as a country, would be economically comparable to the UK and has more people than Canada.  Yet it has only two Senators representing 20 million people each.  On the other hand, the combined population of Wyoming, the Dakotas, Montana and Idaho is about 5 million and accounts for 10 Senators (which is also coincidentally about the margin of victory of Biden over Trump).  In other words, the voting effectiveness of a Californian is reduced by about 40 fold when it comes to the Senate as compared to anyone from those states.
    And you're right - the lack of Senate control will mean that there's risk of a let-down with legislative grid-lock as these small states yield inordinate influence and the drivers of the economy, like California, won't see their interests well-served at the Federal level.  
    In terms of corruption, in the house, there's a lot of gerrymandering (which is legal) and can keep minority parties in power even without an electoral mandate.  
    Finally, because of the electoral college, Democrats need a major cushion in the popular vote to actually be able to win - the last Republican that actually won the popular vote was Bush Jr against Kerry (by about the same margin as Clinton vs Trump).  
    So essentially, one has a minority either governing directly (like Trump) or having enormous power (the Senate).  The Supreme Court then gets chosen by these minorities and doesn't represent the "will of the people" at all.  
    The good news is that the demographics are on the Democratic side - rural, white counties are shrinking and urban areas are both diverse and go overwhelmingly Democratic and helped carry the election this year.  
    In any case - time changes everything.  Before the civil rights movement, it was the Democrats that were aligned with the racist policies of the South.  Who knows what things will look like in a few decades - ultimately the Republicans can only cling on to power in this form for so long.  In some ways, the US has never fully moved on from the legacy of the Civil War and slavery.  This election revealed the continued uncomfortable truths about division in the country - it's not a coincidence that electoral map is split along Union/Confederate lines, more or less, with the labels of the parties interchanged, although it's more complex with the additional rural/urban split.  Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
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    anonymouspanda reacted to James Nystead in Accepting randomness in medical school admissions: The case for a lottery   
    Dr. Mazer, a pathologist at Johns Hopkins University, wrote about you guys!
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    anonymouspanda reacted to premed72 in Medicine...   
    Hey friend, I feel what you're saying, I too just started med at 25 and have these thoughts sometimes. Here's what helps for me: try not to compare yourself to others. Other people's paths really don't mean anything to you. Focus on your next goal at hand and your success will come with time. 
    I always think about how I will look back at my mid 20s when im like 65 years old after a 30+ year career (probably drinking beer in the backyard too). And ask myself: "why did I worry so much back then?" "Everything turned out perfectly fine". I speak to my dad about this sometimes and he basically always tells me to chill out. I'm pretty sure he was in an 80s rock band when he was my age and he turned out perfectly fine. Bottom line, try not to get ahead of yourself or you're going to turn 50 before you're 50 (as my dad would say). 
    Im just a naive first year med student but I feel like medicine is a great career and I expect it to be a challenging road with some "life delays". But id rather have those delays than have a whole life of not being fulfilled. Think about your mid 20s as an investment for a future that will be fulfilling to you for many many years. 
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    anonymouspanda got a reaction from gh2020 in McMaster Global health MSc 2020   
    Also got an acceptance - will be declining. Hope this opens up a seat for someone else!
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    anonymouspanda reacted to Apex in MCAT cutoffs   
    I disagree with the above comment.  Queen's estimated cutoffs from past interview threads has consistently shown a 506-508 MCAT cutoffs with 125/126+ in each section and sometimes 127+ in CARS.  Your overall score easily clears the previous cutoffs and you have a good spread.  I would not say your MCAT is borderline.  I would not rewrite with respect to Queen's.  Western may jump back up to 128 CARS but no one can really know ahead of time.  If you have a good GPA, I'd stick with that MCAT and apply broadly.
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