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  1. Does anyone have any advice on how to answer these questions? I'm not sure if they should be more story-telling and narrative like or more essay styled and academic?
  2. Have any Canadians been accepted to this school or are currently attending? If so, how do you find the instruction and preparation for the USMLEs and MCCEE examinations? As well, were you able to secure the full cost of attending through a bank loan or did you have to go through private sources as well?
  3. Hi Bipolarbearr, With a 3.5 GPA you have a shot at a few MD schools, as well as, DO schools. (Buy a copy of MSAR online for USMD schools and you can check the MCAT and GPA percentiles for accepted students from the 2017-2018 cycle.) Personally, I would do a USMD if you don't get into Canada because it is the path of least resistance to practice in Canada. US DO is now considered an IMG in CaRMS. I don't believe USMD grads are considered IMGs. As well, I am not sure of Ireland graduates USMLE or MCCEE pass rates and residency match percentage. (Definitely inquire about these before ma
  4. Thank you for explaining that to me! Do you know what date OMSAS opens by any chance? update: Emailed OMSAS and they said the application will open July 12.
  5. I’m a bit confused on the OMSAS letter process. Are the references just a 1-2 page letter only or does the reference process include a separate evaluation form of the applicant as well? (Example: what would you rank this applicant? How caring is applicant etc.)? If it’s just a 1-2 page typed up letter, does OMSAS accept interfolio?
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