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  1. Not sure if anyone has already asked this (sorry if it was brought up) but has anyone heard back from uoft PT yet? I only got an email from Western to set up my ID and nothing from Queens. Thanks!
  2. did you also get an email from UofT? I applied to Queens, Western and UofT and only got an email from Western
  3. Will ORPAS be showing us the GPA calculations? I remember being able to see them last year but I can't see a section for it on my application. Does anyone know?
  4. How weird! You would think it would be the exact same since we’re using the same platform. Anyways thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it best of luck!
  5. Yes perfect! This makes sense and I did the same thing I guess I was just wondering also about the “year component”. Perhaps you my have selected “under one year” if it was just one course? I did a year and a half so I can’t decide between putting one year to two (since there is no in between option)
  6. Oh sorry I mean the drop down menu that comes up when you’re putting your education down under the “post secondary education” tab on ORPAS. Is that where you indicated that you had the non-degree question?Apologizes for the many follow up questions!
  7. Awesome thanks that helps a lot! So you had one entry for your completed undergrad and then added the extra course right? They only categorize it off by year, so did you just put one year?
  8. For anyone who has also taken extra courses after graduating, did you add a section section under "postsecondary education" if it was an additional non-degree? Any help would be appreciated! Not sure what to do
  9. Does anyone know what the "course description website details (150 chars max)" is for on ORPAS for Queens and Western PT applications? It's not required but I am not sure what it is for.
  10. Can anyone advise which course description website links they are looking for when submitting our prerequisite?
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