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  1. I also want to echo what some people have said above. I applied FOUR TIMES and finally just got accepted. I've spent the last three years taking courses to upgrade my GPA and doing everything I could to make my application more competitive. Hopefully this gives some perspective to how difficult the application process can be. Stay passionate, stay resilient and never give up! I believe in you.
  2. Okay that's a relief, thank you for letting me know! Is it worth emailing them about that to ask?
  3. Sorry does it say 1-3pm or 2-4pm? Yes I saw that as well! I think the welcome intro will be 1:45pm but good to be there 30 min before just in case!
  4. It says it under the Bb collaborate tab! "Welcome to the CAP" April 17 1pm-3pm. Does it say 2-4 for you?
  5. Hello! Does anyone who is writing the CAP notice that it says it will start tomorrow at 1pm not 2pm?
  6. Not sure if anyone has already asked this (sorry if it was brought up) but has anyone heard back from uoft PT yet? I only got an email from Western to set up my ID and nothing from Queens. Thanks!
  7. did you also get an email from UofT? I applied to Queens, Western and UofT and only got an email from Western
  8. Will ORPAS be showing us the GPA calculations? I remember being able to see them last year but I can't see a section for it on my application. Does anyone know?
  9. How weird! You would think it would be the exact same since we’re using the same platform. Anyways thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it best of luck!
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