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  1. I've actually gotten all my lab positions from just straight-up emailing the PI. I think it works better than sending in applications, and a lot of the time PIs don't actually put up advertisements or anything, so you might be the only one asking them for a job! One good way to find people is if they gave guest lectures or talks in your upper year classes. Or if you studied any of their work in your courses. Also, I think a lot of grants and funding has just gone out, so PIs might be looking for more people in their labs right now. If you can find out any labs that received a lot of money rece
  2. I always chose the "highest ranking" person involved that I could, just because in my mind having "president" or "coordinator" sounded better than "fellow club member". That being said, as long as another club member can accurately verify your hours you can definitely put them down. I don't think having them also be an applicant is a problem .
  3. I had a similar problem where my transcript had all my courses listed as Microbiology, while the content was bacteriology or immunology, which Ucan had options for. Personally, I was too nervous to deviate from my transcript just in case. For my classics option, I listed it as "Other", as well as one or two others, but I think it would be completely fine for you to list it as History. This was just my personal approach, so you can always shoot them an email for a better answer as well!
  4. I think it's fine to not fill out everything. I was accepted and left 2 blank for employment and volunteer position each. I think how you write them is much more important than the number of entries. As well, even if things are kind of more minor entries, you can still consider putting them in if you feel like they'll help you stand out as an applicant or if it was an experience you really enjoyed, even if you don't have many hours or a long term commitment with it.
  5. Received an offer off the waitlist today - stats are in the full forum - but will be declining. Good luck other waitlisters !!!! Hang in there!
  6. From what I can tell, if you have a laptop and want a device to be used as a tablet, then the iPad is the way to go. But if you're looking for something to replace your laptop and also work as a tablet then Surface pro is a bit better for that. You also can definitely get a keyboard for the iPad! From my personal experience I like the iPad better for 'handwriting' notes as I think the pencil is smoother, and the Surface Pro I've used had a tendency to glitch and not write as nicely. However, I don't own both/use them on a regular basis, so take my comment with a grain of salt
  7. Hey guys, I'm just curious what your admission acceptance deposit is listed as under your financial history on Bear Tracks. Mine is listed as Spring Tuition, which I don't think is technically correct, but I'm not sure if that's something I need to email them about, or if the categories are really broad and that's just the closest title they had for it. Thanks!
  8. Result: Accepted off waitlist, May 23 10:00 am Geography: IP GPA: 3.90 MCAT: 517 (127/131/130/129) Degree: BSc (this year) ECs: Research, volunteering (hospital and first aid), tutoring, some instrument playing, sports, and writing - pretty typical stuff Interview: I actually thought it went terrible. For anyone who might be looking back on this next cycle (like I was a few months ago) - I'm here to give you hope, post-interview. I finished each station with almost 2 minutes left, and felt like everything I said was either the standard answer, or below average. I
  9. Saw your post in the UBC forums - congratulations and best of luck !
  10. Result: Waitlisted - EDIT: Accepted off waitlist June 10, 1:52pm Geography: IP GPA: 3.78 MCAT: 517 (127/131/130/129) Degree: BSc E.C: Couple years of research, with funding , played sports, part of a first aid team, part-time job throughout school, and 2 different hospital volunteer positions..nothing that really stands out, I think Interview: Really enjoyed the interview process. I know a lot of people didn't like it because you couldn't really prepare, but that was a big relief to me, as I felt like I could just be myself and have fun with it a bit more. Defi
  11. Hey! I also had one of my verifiers contacted earlier today
  12. Hey everyone - congrats to all those who was invited to interview and has finished up with the process! I didn't receive an invite to UBC, but I did for some other schools that have their interviews coming up in March. I was wondering if any of you have any thoughts coming out of the interviews that would be helpful, such as areas you wish you spent more time developing, or if you felt you had over-prepared in another place? I understand that each school and interview process is different, but I was just looking for any additional suggestions to help me out. Thanks!
  13. Status: Invite Time Stamp: 2:34 PM PST GPA: 3.78MCAT: 517 (131 CARS)Location: IPTop 10: Pretty standard- two years research experience + funding (no pubs), 2 hospital volunteering, first aid, some long-term sports, and I threw in a unique/interesting personal experience LOR: I believe they were strong? One from research PI, soccer coach, and first aid coordinator
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