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  1. I also had the same decision to make but I chose Ottawa instead for the reasons mentioned above
  2. I woke up in the middle of the night, decided to check pm101 but never would I have expected for this to happen. We could’ve all been part of the crew that wakes up to their fate but now we are the lucky few that gets to suffer through this long night.
  3. Is everyone seriously checking already? No one else is holding out until the official emails or for omsas to properly update tmr morning incase all of this is an administrative error?
  4. Great! For all of us who were trying to sleep and wake up to decisions, this just made our lives so much easier
  5. I completely agree with what xiphoid and Egg_McMuffin said as well as everyone before me. I haven’t gotten into med school yet, but I was rejected post interviews last year. I took a year off to work (service/tutoring) and also spent 2 weeks to backpack on my own (in Europe). Meanwhile, spent lots of time with fam&friends, tried many new activities (made a bucket list), read (books/finance articles/news). I really cannot stress how important it is to forget about the med process for a while and really take some time for yourself. You will look back and see how much you have grown as a per
  6. Lmao I think we (pm101) might have casually caused all Mac applicants to freak out today
  7. I wonder how many of us told our friends and families and they were worried with us through this entire day for nothing?
  8. Welcome to premed101, where rejections can also be gifts
  9. The only thing that made us think it was today was because someone, I believe pine, mentioned that a med student said it was coming out this week, and we also know md/phd invites are out. However, the 9th seems too early of a date for the invite release, so it might be next week.
  10. Yeah, most likely not today, it’s always been the third wed except last year
  11. Has anyone contacted or checked with the admissions team?
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