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  1. Probably an obvious question but If I've lived in Montreal for school for the past 4 years, will I need to get a police record check from Montreal? I'm from Ottawa and I've done that one already but the Montreal office is currently closed it seems.
  2. Hi, does anybody know how they confirm if uOttawa received the deposit or not? I sent the deposit and checked on uoZone and it shows that the money was delivered but it doesn't say that it's going towards a particular deposit fee/tuiton. Thanks!
  3. Hi - I have an activity that I started off as inexperienced and worked on completely different projects than what I did a year later. I want to include my beginning experience (over 700 hours - diversity of experience) but separate that from my higher quality experience (300 hours - leadership). All this is under the same organization and I would use the same verifier. Does anyone know whether this is appropriate? Thanks
  4. Hi, does anybody know if it's ok to email Mac for the reasons as to why you were rejected/or some kind of overview of your application? I know Ottawa looks down on this so I'm just trying to make sure it's alright.
  5. Sorry, I should have clarified, I interviewed but didn't get accepted. Obviously, my main work now is improving my interview skills, but since CARS is apparently weighed in some schools post-interview evaluation (Mac) I was wondering whether I should consider that too.
  6. Hi all, just wondering if I should retake my MCAT. Overall: 521 (131/127/131/132) Despite my great overall, my CARS was a mess and it seems like its the only score that matters here in Canada. I got flat out rejected by Mac this year and I'm seriously considering re-taking the MCAT to bump up my CARS. Also, if anyone knows, how strong would my MCAT score be considered in the US?
  7. Im down, where are you guys located
  8. Hi, if I completed IB Biology and got credit for it at my University (McGill gave me credits for 2 first year biology classes + lab) - what do I indicate on OMSAS - my IB Biology class or the classes I got credit for but did not take at McGill? If I have to input my IB Biology how would I do so? Do I need to send them my IB Transcript?
  9. Couple of question about the academic background section. 1) if I am a third-year applicant, and not graduating this year, what do I put for Diploma/Degree Status? 2) Also, I'm probably dumb for asking this, but what does To-Date mean, does it mean to the present? Thanks guys.
  10. Many ABS questions, thanks ahead of time. 1) What is the deal with the "Other" section, I've heard that Ottawa doesn't look at it or something? 1.5) What would you recommend to put in "Other" vs "Extracurriculars" 2) If I've done a sport at different levels - intramural/varsity/league - and each one being somewhat significant, can I separate them 3) Under the "Research" section, does any current research in preparation (not yet published or finished yet) count? 4) If an activity had a volunteer component AND a research component, is it good to separate into tw
  11. Hey, so I started my OMSAS application a little late (Sept. 4) and I'm feeling pretty crunched on time for the Oct 1st deadline. My stats are: cGPA: 3.99 MCAT: probably good, most likely 128+ in CARS EC: solid My question is, considering I am feeling a little short on time, is it worth applying to UofT and Western given that they have there supplemental applications (essays and abbreviated ABS) that will take time, and I won't be able to give it my 100%? Also, I am in my 3rd year.
  12. Hi everyone So I feel like everyone knows this and I dont but, when should I start/how much time does it take to complete the OMSAS application for Canadian med schools? I'm asking because I am writing my MCAT in August, going on a trip, then going to school in September, and the deadline is Oct 1st, so I am not sure if I honestly have the time to complete my application on time (or very well at least). I never really thought about actually applying because I was so caught up with my MCAT, but I really do want to apply this year. So is it fine to literally start like barely a month o
  13. So I've read a bunch of topics on this and the general consensus appears to be that if you are an exceptional applicant and can afford to do so, you should try and apply in your third year and if you don't get anything at least you have gained a bunch of experience with the entire application process and will be more ready as a 4th year applicant. What a lot of those posts don't really talk about is the disadvantage of being a re-applicant when applying in your 4th year after being rejected the year previous. From other forums, it appears that being a re-applicant is generally viewed upo
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