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  1. Congratz to everyone who received the offers they couldn't refuse... Keep in mind that this is only the first round of invites and more of them should be on its way soon. Last year I believe the second round of invites got sent out on the 27th of June. The Facebook group is now up and running for the Class of 2024's. Please use the link below to join if you have received an offer. I hope everyone is staying safe and we look forward to seeing you all (virtually) in the fall! https://www.facebook.com/groups/583199639247795/about/
  2. Accepted GPA: 3.91 DAT: 71 Interview: 36 "They made me an offer I couldn't refuse..."
  3. Hey everyone, sorry for the late reply! Haven't been active much lately due to school/other things to attend. If people were still interested, could you all kindly send me a pm? I think I mentioned that in the above comment as well. For some reason I'm having difficulty trying to send a message to other people on here, as two people told me they never got my messages even though I did send them... And yes ^, invites came out a few days ago! There's a new thread on here regarding that.
  4. No, this will be an in-person prep group. We can all meet on campus and just find empty lecture halls to practice, as I did last year with the previous group! If anyone is interested please just message me with your names or a facebook link to your profile, I'll add you to our groupchat! Looking forward to seeing you all
  5. I believe I have already sent a PM to stealth, just waiting for his response! @yampotato I also sent you a PM like a long time ago haha. Check your inbox! And @icewater9, I will send you a PM soon here. Once we have enough people we can get this thing going and hopefully we'll have enough to practice with some mock stations, like we did last year. It was a great way to prep for the MMI. If anyone else is interested, just leave a comment and I'll send you a PM! Excited to meet more people in the upcoming year
  6. Hey everyone, I am currently enrolled as a third-year undergraduate student at the UofA, and have applied for this year's admission cycle (DDS Class of 2023). I haven't noticed much activity on this forum yet, so I thought it would be good to initiate this thread myself and see if anyone would be interested. If any of you would like to get the MMI prep group going, please leave a comment here or feel free to message me as well, if that's what you prefer. I prepared for my MMI last year this way with a bunch of people applying to Medicine and some applying to Dentistry and person
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