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  1. Yup that's basically my plan. I am applying to Calgary this cycle because I meet the IP requirements and I will also rewrite the MCAT in 2019. Thanks for the belief, I really hope I can get a higher CARS score!
  2. Thanks so much for the detailed response. I'm not particularly interested in DO because I wish to become an Emergency Room physician, which I guess would be difficult. I am happy to hear that someone thinks I have a chance at US MD schools. I was able to narrow down to about 3 or 4 US MD schools that had low GPA and MCAT averages (as provided by AAMC's database), but I felt really unsure about which US schools to apply. I mean, there are so many... I have a feeling that if I applied to all (just theoretically), that I could get accepted into one, but how should I narrow down my options c
  3. Thanks for the response and best wishes. I looked into applying to DO schools but they all required an English credit. So I won't be able to apply this cycle because of that, but I'm thinking about taking an English credit in the fall despite already graduating...
  4. Hi all, I've been lurking for quite some time. I have a few questions and would appreciate some advice. I am a non-trad that has an odd path since high school. Upon graduating, I attended Carleton University where I was enrolled in Bachelors of Law. I didn't enjoy the program and received a poor cGPA of 2.66, but I passed all my courses and completed the year. However, I became interested in the sciences during my time here and wished to switch into a science program but I lacked the prerequisites from high school. After this year, I decided to get into a trade (plumber in Al
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