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  1. Hi

    Im a 4th year undergrad at York University and am wondering what are my options going forward to be a competitive applicant for med school. I would appreciate any advice. 

    My GPA cumulative is 3.35 for  with a somewhat upward trend. I was in a premed major then switched to psych in 3rd/4th year.

    My  1st year gpa is 3.15 for 6 courses (managed to petition off 4 courses that were brining down my gpa) 

    My 2nd year is 2.84 for 7 courses (organic chem did really bad brought it down a lot otherwise be 3.2)

    My 3rd year is 3.633 for 9 courses

    and my 4th year is 3.75 for 8 courses

    my ECs are volunteering at a hospital, volunteer assistant in research, helping out in food banks/serving meals to needy, shadowing dentist, optometrist to get exposure to different fields, had a job for about 8 months banking to help out with uni, volunteer tutor at a community center and volunteered in school clubs

    My gpa is my biggest concern right now and I am planning on a 5th year to finish up my courses for my major and brining it up. How realistic are my chances at an acceptance for med in canada? Also im planning on a 3 year degree instead of the 4 year honours so does this impact my chances in any way?

    One point that I thought I should mention is that the strikes at york really did mess me up in 1st year and how realistic is it that med schools take that into consideration? They also striked in my 4th year but by then I knew how to deal with it and it wasnt as bad as the 1st strike.

    Thanks for your help!

    P.S. I have not written the mcat yet might take a gap year for it

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