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  1. Hello premeds! Hope you guys are staying well and safe. It's that time of year again. With application season starting, I wanted to offer some support to those getting busy with writing their applications. For some context, I'm a current med student who helped out a few re-applicants last year on their applications and they were accepted to multiple schools this year! Some general tips taken from my last year's post: Verbs > Adverbs: find verbs that highlight your accomplishments and responsibilities. Adverbs don't add much weight to a sentence and they take up your char
  2. Hi premeds! Since the 2019/2020 application has opened and many of you are already thinking about it or have already started, I wanted to offer some advice to improve your application, specifically your NAQ. For context, I received a post-interview regrets with a below average NAQ in 2017/18. For the 2018/2019 application cycle, I focused on fixing up my activity descriptions and I was accepted to my first choice!! This forum has been really helpful over the past two years so I wanted to give something back. Some tips when you are writing your activity descriptions: Verbs &
  3. Is it true that you HAVE to reject any other offers from other schools before accepting the one that you want to go to?
  4. Anyone travelling from Vancouver to Queen's for the March 2/3 weekend?
  5. I'm a little worried about what to pack for the negative 30-something weather Anyone have any advice?
  6. Will they send us a confirmation that they received our interview response email? Or do we assume it's confirmed if we send it?
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