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  1. If you feel comfortable sharing, what 1-year program is it? I am applying for the 1st time soon and I am looking for some backup options.
  2. Business address would be appropriate, because your relationship with them is "professional", not personal.
  3. It doesn't hurt to apply this cycle. I think your graduate degree (in healthcare, no less) will make you a good candidate. If you don't get in, rewrite the MCAT. Good luck!
  4. Wait, you can draft your own reference letter and have your referee read it? Never heard of anyone doing this.
  5. With that GPA every school is worth a shot. Given your "low" CARS score, your best chances are at UofT and Ottawa. Since all Ontario schools use OMSAS, might as well apply to all of them. Your best shot will be at IP schools.
  6. The assessment of academic merit is a "subjective" evaluation based on GPA, MCAT, trends, etc. If you have done well in science courses (physics, chem, bio, psych), the admission committee will know that you have the capability to do well in med school despite that you did not attempt the science sections on the MCAT. However, if you did not take science courses or have not performed well in them, there would be no evidence of such, and this could hurt your application. Since you already wrote your MCAT and did well on CARS, I think the only way to know is to apply to McMaster and Calgary
  7. I remember that a school's admission website (or OMSAS, I can't remember) said to find verifiers to the best of your abilities but not to worry if you can't. Some people do exactly what you are proposing, and there haven't been any problems. Unlike referees, you can even use friends as verifiers.
  8. OP said he "mainly" applied to US and Australian schools, which implies that he is applying to Canadian schools, I'm sure he knows his GPA and MCAT are competitive. By the way, your EC is not weak at all.
  9. Many people have encountered this dilemma, including myself. There is no right or wrong answer, it all comes down to your situation and your decision. Are you absolutely set on medicine? If so, a life sciences program will maximize your chances by "offering" all the pre-requisites, a high GPA, preparation for the MCAT, and more time for EC's. If are you worried about not being able to get into med school, I'd say stick to CS.
  10. If you are 100% sure you want to go into medicine, transferring into a premed program will boost your GPA and give you all the pre-requisite courses (some universities require them and they are useful for the MCAT). If you are considering medicine IN ADDITION to computer science (i.e. you want to apply to med schools like Mac but you are good with becoming a software engineer), I would say staying in CS guarantees you a job after graduation.
  11. I am encountering the same problem for uOttawa. I double-checked their admission website it says Minimum Grade of B (CÉGEP equivalent 70%) must be attained in all Prerequisite Science Courses for a candidate to be considered for admission. I think this means you must have already completed the course and received a grade. I will email them and ask for clarification
  12. I know people who got their grades erased (shown on transcript as "withdrawn - medical reasons" or something like that) several years after the courses were taken. Certainly give it a try but it may depend on the school and how the doctor's note was written. Good luck!
  13. I'm going into my 3rd year of undergrad and I originally planned on doing the MCAT next year, because this summer was filled with family stuff. But now I have nothing to do, I thought I can apply to McMaster (practice run, give myself a shot at it). Realistically, I can't finish studying everything in 1 month because I have not taken most of the introductory science courses, so is it possible to only write the CARS section and leave other sections blank? Will this have any ramifications for Canadian and possibly US med schools if I apply to them in the future?
  14. Do people even fill out all entries? I only have like 5 out of 32
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