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  1. full time all the time, last year would have been 3.3 but covid ruined it. first sem was 3.1 and took 5 classes over the spring/summer term before and got a 3.54 120 credits for that gpa
  2. hoping to get into tier 1 of carribean schools but i probably cant cuz i have a 2.6 gpa. this wasnt due to academic failure etc it was just cuz i was working full time and didnt really care for trying that hard in school until my last year where i knew i wanted to be a dacta. right now i dont have mcat but i am planning to write in next few months and hope that will save my chances
  3. For most carribean schools it seems like you need 2 references letters. I got one already from a volunteering director and she seemed very hapyp to be able to write one for me and i am sure she did a good job as i told her to outline how she got to know me, my personal qualities and character, and how and why she thinks i would be a good candidate for medical school. i called around to a few carribean medical schools and the people i spoke to didnt really give me much info regarding reference letters they were kinda bland but after reading around and speaking to some more it seems like those p
  4. For someone with a 2.8cgpa and a 4 year bsc completed, and a 24AA dat which i think i can get higher, Is there any dental school in the world that would accept a lower gpa? I know theres ireland, states, canada, and australia, and new zealeand from my brief research it seems like they all want 3.3++ but i cant find in depth info regarding new zealand schools any info? thx
  5. hello! i have the oppurtunity to volunteer at a daycare nearby who can give me tons of hours, is this fine to volunteer at to increase my chances of med school? i assume i can also get a good reccomendation letter. or should i try to get a volunteer place at a hospital or care home or something? like somethhing more health/clinical oriented? or does it not really matter thx!
  6. so i assume its better just to take it when i am fully prepared to take it rather then just taking it a 3rd time for the sake of taking it a third time?
  7. is it okay to take the dat multiple times and not have a great score? i am thinking of taking the dat agian for the 3rd time but wont have a great score until the 4th time i take it due to the fact i have been taking summer and spring classes, and volunteered the past summer so never really had time to study. when i took it the first 2 times, i felt like i am capable of doing much better but i just wanna make sure that new zealand, australian, american,and irish schools dont care if you take the dat too many times and only look at your best score? thx!
  8. i am looking to apply to schools in usa, ireland, australia, and new zealand. i am currently in a bsc chemistry. it seems like some schools require microbiology, anatomy, and physiology. i am taking microbiology for sure because its required at a school im interested in but is anatomy/physilogy necessary? thanks
  9. hey guys! so i noticed that in canada some schools require credit in specific courses like physiology and biochem and you basically have to check every schools pre reqs to find which classes you should be taking. how can i find pre reqs for schools in usa, or even overseas like ireland and australia etc. i am taking a chemistry degree, and i just want to make sure i have the class requirements to apply. I will have the basic requirements for sure, but i mean like specific classes that schools look for like physiology, anatomy, certain bios, biochem etc thanks!
  10. yeah sorry forgot to include, other then RTD. I want to broaden my scope on diff classes
  11. any one know of any in class canadian DAT prep courses in like any province? thanks
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