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  1. Last years acceptance letters were just sent out randomly with no warning! Good luck!
  2. Result: Accepted Geography: IP GPA: 3.94 MCAT: 521 (129/130/130/132) Degree: 4th year undergrad E.C: Honestly I didn't think I'd get in because I thought my ECs were weak but I guess not! Standard work in retail for a few years, one summer of research (no pubs at the time of application), couple of years of volunteer tutoring, a few isolated activities, also included some personal experiences! Interview: This was my first year interviewing, luckily U of A was my third and final interview. I felt as though the mmi went well with a couple of stations that were par
  3. Result: Waitlisted Geography: IP GPA: 3.95 MCAT: 521 (129/130/130/132) Degree: BSc E.C: Summer research, a couple longish term volunteer experiences involving teaching, was part of a marching band for a long time and Ireally dove into personal experiences that I felt were significant in my life because honestly my ECs are my biggest flaw. Interview: First interview ever so I had no idea what to expect but I left it feeling okay. Felt like it was a lot different than other interviews I had later and it allowed me to be myself which was what I tried to really let
  4. Time Stamp: 10:02amResult: InviteGPA: 3.95MCAT: 521Current Degree: 4th yr UGGeography (IP/OOP): IP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Probably my weakest point, few awards, couple long term volunteering, research with pending publications. Enough for an interview at NOSM CASPer: felt meh, had never written before, not enough for McMaster but I am OOP for there so IDK
  5. I am doing research this summer and have 3 papers pending publication on which I am primary author and another that I am a secondary author. I highly doubt the papers will be published before applications are due. How should I include these publications in my apps? (I'm applying to U of C, U of A and some Ontario schools) Thanks
  6. I am going into my 4th year of undergrad and am applying for 2019. So far I'm applying to U of A, U of C and UBC. Also considering applying to some Ontario schools. GPA: 1st year: 3.54 :( (Full course load) Summer course: 4.0 2nd year: 3.89 (9 courses) 3rd year: 4.0 (Full course load) Based on the fact that they drop the lower year my GPA for U of C application is at 3.95 and I assume the U of A will be the same. MCAT 521 129/130/130/132 ECs Adult literacy tutor for 1 year, 2 hours a week Volunteer at a non profit for 4 months (over t
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