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  1. Could anyone send me the interview questions? Would be grateful!
  2. The McGill AFMC site states "Students can submit up to three elective choices in order of preference, however only one elective will be confirmed per application. Students can only submit a maximum of 5 applications. Once an application is submitted, no additional elective are allowed" When you send an application, can you send three different start dates for the same elective (Cardiology)? Do we have to choose three different electives (cardio, pulm, nephro) for the same start date? Can we do a mix of the dates and electives in the same application?
  3. Which schools allow you to stay in their residences short-term (2-4 weeks) for electives? Any affordable hotels that you know of that are close to the main hospitals across Canada, especially in the West?
  4. @W0lfgang Unfortunately not. The group is secret (someone in your friends list must add you). Please PM if anyone has a few seconds. I'll send you my account name.
  5. Hi all, could anyone add me on FB and on the electives housing group? It would be greatly appreciated. PM me!
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