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  1. Spot on. Yeah you came off as a bit defensive here. You do want to be your true self... that doesn't mean being unempathetic. Empathy is truth but it isn't the same as sympathy and I think you are confusing the two.
  2. I would partly disagree with the above. I think your gpa is beyond OK. It is not a problem. Beyond that I agree with everything else. I think here are somethings to consider. First, you mention your shadowing is lacking... That would be the first thing I would improve upon. Also your medical mission trips are not always seen as amazing as you think it seems. I know some schools in the US are aware about shadowing opportunities in Canada but the more you can get the better. I agree with the notion that you should ideally improve on your clinical exposure, and furthermore, you also seem t
  3. not an absolute mandatory requirement. it can help bolster certain applications but should be lower down on your priorities.
  4. First of all... Step 1 is now pass or fail... so you dont have to worry about it. Step 2 score will matter more. You can look at the american board of endocrinology to determine this information. That said, remember research is more very very key to matching to your fellowship spot.
  5. Reach out to each individual program for the details. Some schools have partnership agreements, others do not and rely on the lottery system as jnuts pointed out. It is pretty much a requirement to have atleast one or two rotations in the specialty you desire. For the connections. I don't know the specialty you are interested in but this is something to definitely keep in mind.
  6. Yes, According to CARMS you are eligible for 1st iteration and are seen as equal to a domestic MD student assuming you went to a USMD school. You can also apply to both matches, with the Canadian match occurring first. If you match in Canada you will be automatically removed from the US pool. For FM US training is 1-year longer than Canada so you wouldn't have any issue at all. My neighbour did her residency in Michigan and had no problems coming back after. So you can come back after if the training is equal.. sometimes it means doing an extra year of residency in Canada or
  7. The Canadian Scores are less important but you still need to write your Canadian boards as well(MCCEE and the other ones). Hope that helps. The Canadian exams are close with more pharmacology being the focus of american exams
  8. So I knew this would come up. So let me address a few things. I did not mean any disrespect. I went through the college and physicians and surgeons website for each individual province and went through. Newfoundland was a prime example. It is unclear. Alberta (may have changed their rules since last I checked) previously prohibited practise in certain specialties. In most of the provinces such as in Ontario the scope of practise is unlimited. The point was that more research is required. Here is a link from the BC college of physicians and surgeons: https://www.cpsbc.ca/for-p
  9. look at the MSAR look at the ones that accept canadians and start there. then go on the websites and learn more
  10. i'd focus on the diverse experiences or skill sets you can bring to the table.
  11. I would say that you want to make sure that your pre reqs are fulfilled.. which it sounds like you are. You do want to show an upward trend. I dont know if you are talking about your cumulative GPA but yes the trend you want to show is increasing towards or near to a 4.0 average. I agree with the other poster is sit down and consider if you really want this. If you want it then dont look back. Going the route of getting a jobo in the US and then applying may take you 10 years.... which may make your current pre reqs invalid ... meaning you would have to do a 1-2 year post bacc again and ace
  12. you may beable to take the chem course at UTSC and get the labs included. but yes you need exactly what you outlined
  13. It think that sometimes we overlook the value that American's place on telling a story. They really look holistically. Your chances aren't bad on paper except for a few things: -Your MCAT -Your EC's Your MCAT is decent enough to apply with and they do look at trends but I would consider retaking it. I don't know what your EC's are like but they dont have to be medical but they like consistency and the ability for you to speak to them with regards to your impact and growth. Additionally, I would seriously look at things like your personal statement. That is a big thing for
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