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  1. Me personally, and I have a workmate who was invited even before me, she is a PhD too, That being said, I was invited only 10 days before my interview date!!! So don't assume the outcome till you get the email...
  2. Hi, I have a question and tried to dig u of T website for an answer but couldn't... So how does the scoring procedure goes at U of T after the interview? Does the interview for example constitutes a specific weight like other schools? say 50% or 70%? or is it a completely new procedure from scratch? The reason I ask is because I'm wondering what happens with the grad pool students? during application screening they are assessed separately, sure. but what about post-interview? how are they ranked against other students when probably they had quite lower file score at first but just got in
  3. I would do a PhD (which I actually did), See, most research-based master's programs say the duration is 2 years, but realistically, the vast majority of students finish in about 3 years, if you just add 2 extra years you will have a PhD, Beside being a higher degree with will grant you more score on the applications, the PhD will allow you to publish better, get involved in more academic and non-academic activities, and have invaluable life experiences you can use all over your application and interview, also Med school value the PhD very very much, U of T in specific, and particular
  4. Hello, I searched the website but cannot seem to find the answer, does anyone know the potential class size for 2019 at U of T?
  5. Hello, I got an interview invitation yesterday, but surprisingly I was assigned to March 2nd :/, so time is a bit too tight, I was wondering if there are practicing mates available around TWH (where I work) or downtown campus (where I live)?
  6. I don't think it matters, I have included experiences that are 8 and 10 years ago and still got invited. I think the important thing is to show diversity and continuity of volunteering/EC/community involvement.
  7. Hi all, Congrats to everyone who got an invitation, I was wondering are there interviewees from Toronto who would like to form a practice group if it does not already exist? and if it does exist would anyone be kind enough to give me a reference? Thank you
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone is taking the Oct 23rd CASPer and would like to study/practice together in Toronto? Unfortunately, I don't have anyone to practice with and the exam is 8 days away, Please reply here or PM me if you are in, Thank you
  9. Probably not but it's too late now Regarding your next reply, I honest think at this point probably there is no more OOP invites, but I might be wrong, just a guess
  10. Geez...I am OOP and I have straight A grades undergrad, A grades M.Sc., A grades PhD, multiple papers and conferences, volunteering and leadership, but my MCAT sucks...two sections 125, so my only hope was the holistic review...anyways I wasn't putting much hope on MUN to be honest lol
  11. Sorry, where is the publications section? I kept looking for it everywhere but I think the application doesn't have a section for publications!
  12. Thank you, honestly I'm concerned because it is not just any religious volunteering, it is "Muslim"...I feel that's quite different than other religions because of global political issues etc... I do know for sure that they would respect my views as a Muslim, but I'm not sure if going further to have a letter about it would be a safe idea...
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