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  1. Hi dentdreams101, If taken at Concordia, you may be able to take BIOL 225 AND BIOL 226 to fulfill the Mammalian Physiology option, without being in the exercise program, and I am under the impression that you may be able to take these courses as an independent student. As for fulfilling the molecular biology requirement, you have the option of either taking BIOL 261, BIOL 206, or BIOL 367. I am also fairly certain that BIOL 261 and BIOL 206 are open to independent students, but I know that BIOL 367 is only reserved for biology, chemistry, and neuroscience students. You may want to check
  2. D'après leur site (McGill), les sessions d'été sont seulement permises si les sessions d'automne et d'hiver sont complétées à temps plein (12 à 15 crédits par session). Cependant, il n'est pas permis de prendre les sept cours préalables durant les sessions d'été.
  3. J’ai été convoquée à l’entrevue à l’UdeM hier (Université Concordia, Behavioural Neuroscience, 4.29/4.3). C’est la première fois que je soumets ma demande, donc je ne connais pas ma CRU cependant, j’ai déjà été acceptée à McGill la semaine dernière, donc je cède ma place à quelqu’un sur la liste d’attente. Bonne chance à tous et à toutes :)!
  4. Thank you so much for letting me know! It's reassuring .
  5. Hi everyone, I too have a few questions concerned LFME, given that I will be started McGill Med in Fall 2019. I currently live quite north of Montreal (in the lower Laurentians), but I will be moving closer to the city center as of July. I currently do not drive, and I rely on the exo train to get myself to downtown Montreal (which is about 3h of commute in total, per day). However, once I move, my only concern is that McGill will assign me to a family medicine clinic that will be much closer to my current address than it will be to my newer address. Is there a way to notify them that I
  6. Omg! I was too excited, but yes! It's fixed now. Thanks so much!
  7. Admitted! Time Stamp: 12:00PM pre-reqGPA: 4.00 MCAT: not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I honestly had know idea how I did! I feel like I said some pretty silly things, but felt confident on other stations...I'm glad it went well! IP/OOP/International: IP comments: I cannot believe this...Never give up guys.
  8. Could be, but then the odds of getting admitted post-interview would be much higher than previous years...
  9. I noticed that it states on their website that 165 spots are being offered this year for IP (Med-P and Quebec University). Consistent with previous years, around 71-74 Med-P are admitted and about 4-5 NTP IP, leaving around 90 spots (more or less) for Quebec university candidates. Since only 218 Quebec university candidates were invited to interview this year, I am wondering how this will affect the whole post-interview selection process...
  10. Is anyone in Montreal and willing to practice for the McGill MMI in preparation for the upcoming weeks? PM me if you're interested!
  11. TIME STAMP: 09:18AM Result: Invite! (checked Minerva) cGPA: 4.00 Feeling about Casper: I prepped a lot for it, and I found it went smoothly overall! MCAT: Not submitted ECs: Volunteered at psychology clinic (abt. 300 hours), volunteer at ICU (abt. 100 hours), piano instructor (2 years), mentor for high school students (8 months), co-founder of charity sports event, VP of two university clubs, research in 2 labs (3 years +), 3 poster presentations and 1 research conference presentation award, 2 NSERC USRA, scholarships, etc. (PM for more information :)) Year: Finished UG in Dec
  12. Hi everyone, Just an update! The situation got resolved , and I will not have to take the courses that I am missing! Thank you HoopDreams for your advice!
  13. Hi everyone! I hope that you are doing well, and that you're having a good end to the summer! I am entering my last year of doing my BSc. in Behavioural Neuroscience at Concordia University, and am planning to apply to the M.D.C.M. at McGill for the upcoming admission cycle. I completed my CEGEP degree in Arts and Sciences at Marianopolis College. As part of this CEGEP degree, I had to take one general chemistry class (which in itself was a combination of the traditional general chemistry I & II offered in health and in pure and applied), two physics classes, four mathematics classes (two
  14. Hi! I too felt as though I was in your position (I'm also finishing up at Concordia, and plan to apply to McGill for admission in Fall 2019). I e-mailed AdCom about the courses I have taken, and sought their feedback on substitution/exemption. What they told me (using their substitution/exemption form) is that BIOL 266 (Cell Biology) counts as the requirement for cell biology, BIOL 382 (Comparative Animal Physiology) counts as the requirement for mammalian physiology, BIOL 367 (Molecular Biology) counts as the requirement for molecular biology and CHEM 221 (Org 1) or CHEM 222 (Org 2) counts as
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