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  1. I am almost done a masters in physiotherapy. I was in fieldwork this summer and completing courses. No time to study for all other MCAT sections & was wanting to apply this cycle to get a feel for the process.
  2. Hey, thanks for your input. I only took a few science courses during my undergrad. Do you think a Masters of Science would compensate / show the committee that I am comfortable with the subject areas that will be covered in med school?
  3. That’s what I thought too, until I read this: 5.1.3 Global Assessment of Academic Merit (10%) This includes, but is not limited to, such things as the types of courses taken, trends in grades over time, extenuating circumstances, consistency and global review of all sections of the MCAT. The overarching question that the reviewer is asked to answer is, “To what extent does this applicant demonstrate evidence of the academic skill necessary to master the material within the MD curriculum?” I am worried that having 118/129/118/118 will have a very negative impact on my application
  4. Hey guys, Say I only wrote CARS and ended up getting 18/129/18/18. While McMaster will not give the other sections of the MCAT a second thought, what will Calgary adcoms think? I know that the other sections are examined under "global assessment." Has anyone heard of students getting accepted under these circumstances? Is this not allowed? Also, will Calgary look at previous MCAT attempts? Only the most recent, correct?
  5. A representative at OMSAS told me to put down the info where the verifier can be most easily contacted. Suppose that (in theory...) an adcom were to email/mail/call your verifier. What info would make this the easiest for he/she? Best of luck to you
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