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  1. I really hope so because I am WASTING MY DAY right now lol I just want to know if I can jump for joy or go have a pity party and sit in my feelings for the rest of the day.
  2. My impression is that interview scores were the driving factor for differentiating between applicants, so I think yes.
  3. I need to be working right now but this waiting is slowly draining the life out of me... clicking refresh on email and UCAN even when I know it won't be released until this afternoon.
  4. My stomach has been in knots for the last couple days and it feels impossible to get any work done lol
  5. I have a similar q about future chances... I applied for the first time this year and was rejected pre-interview as an OOP. My NAQ was in the 75th-100th percentile, but my GPA was only 86.1%. I'm inclined to think that if my EC's are in the highest bracket, I might be SOL because of my GPA. I'll be graduating with my MSc (Epidemiology) in a couple months (hopefully, COVID has complicated my research lol), but since most of my coursework was pretty much done at the time of applying, I don't think that will play into the academic quotient, unless I'm mistaken. My only options for a c
  6. For exactly the reason that they do care. I committed to finishing my masters in my application (which was originally going to be possible, but the pandemic delayed access to important data - in fact there is data I still don't have access to). I am also working off of a major scholarship, and it would be a breach of professional ethics and the terms of the scholarship to not complete the research and graduate from my masters. Unfortunately, if I don't finish my masters in time and gain admission I think my hands may be tied. I could try to defer based on the circumstances I'm in right now,
  7. When I submitted my application to U of C back in October as a current MSc student, I had discussed a timeline with my supervisor and committee that was feasible (albeit tight) to finish in time if I was accepted. However, now I have an interview, but there have been a lot of setbacks with my research and I don't know if I would be able to finish my research, write and defend my thesis, and have my degree conferred (and move!) in time to start in July. I am working with my supervisor to make it happen, and there is obviously no guarantee of acceptance at this point - but in advance I wan
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