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  1. This is really helpful to know thank you, I've spoken to about 3 people who graduated from the University I got accepted to and one of them went through a similar path as what you mentioned, a much longer road and as John mentioned, seems like it just gets harder down the road as an IMG even though it's slightly less barrier getting in at first.
  2. Hey John, I really appreciate your comment thanks for taking the time to reply. I do know how I will finance myself in Ireland but I just wanted to see how others do it because I would be taking out an LOC, OSAP and using my savings, I was wondering if other people had better ways to go about it even though I know most people either have family's support or will do what I mentioned earlier. But you're right in that i really should give myself the chance to apply to Canadian schools... I think I look at people's applications online and around me and just am not sure whether I could match
  3. Also I just want to thank everyone for responding, any feedback really really helps me out and I appreciate your time and insight
  4. I could but.. I don't think my file would be looked at given my cGPA? I would have to absolutely murder CARS and Casper and even then I don't know if I would have a shot?
  5. I did reach their cutoffs last year when I applied, but I believe it was assessed competitively, I remember myself and others on the forum who had similar MCAT scores/GPA as me also didn't receive an interview, granted I don't know whether my maritimes essay was strong enough
  6. @JohnGrisham Oh I see that is really helpful thank you!! And yes I'm interviewing for Sep 2020, I thought about deferring my acceptance for sure, I just didn't know if I was allowed to apply to other schools cause i think most deferrals are conditional upon the fact that you won't apply to other schools (not sure if it's restricted to only other irish schools) - do you know anything about this? I haven't asked the school about it - this is for University of Limerick FYI. You're definitely right about the COVID situation I will think more about it.
  7. @JohnGrisham Thank you so much for your response! When I re-apply to Canada this fall (Oct) if I was enrolled abroad also this fall (Sep), I assume I will have to list that I am already attending a medical school abroad? Is this looked down upon/will I need to explain why I want to attend school in Canada? I guess I feel like if it will hurt my chances of applying to Canada again while enrolled abroad, then I will choose not to go abroad.
  8. Hello everyone, I have an upcoming interview with an Irish medical school, I know it is early as I haven't received official acceptance, but I am re-writing the MCAT to hopefully boost my score to reapply to Canadian schools this coming cycle, if I receive an acceptance to Ireland, and I attend, am I still allowed to apply to Canadian schools this fall? I am okay with re-starting medical school from the first year, but I just can't seem to find the answers as to whether I am eligible to apply to Canadian medical schools while attending another school abroad. The reason why I would p
  9. Can I ask how your MCAT and maritime connection was?
  10. OOP here haven't heard anything yet, is anyone on the same boat ?
  11. Nothing from my end god this wait is killling mee
  12. I called admissions just now and nothing has been sent out yet!
  13. I haven’t received anything, do you only get notified if you didn’t make the cutoffs? Or do you also get notified if you made it?
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