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  1. R 517 mcat, 75-100 naq, 90+gpa, 4th application & interview. Guess the interview was just that bad. My interviewing isn't amazing but I got waitlisted at some Ontario schools last year so it can't be that bad lol I don't get it anymore
  2. 4th time interviewing at UBC, nothing yet here we go again...
  3. Waitlisted last year, still waiting to hear back this year
  4. Got the class is full email this morning Good luck to everyone re-applying this cycle
  5. Does anyone know if it's okay to re-use the 3 detailed ABS statement essays from the last application cycle? My application hasn't changed that much from last year, so my three most meaningful experiences would be the same, and I'd be writing about the same ones again Thanks!
  6. When do you guys think the next wave will go out? I thought perhaps today, but no one has posted anything. (or maybe none of the accepted students are on the forums?)
  7. Maybe there's just not many on the waitlist and we're all gonna get in
  8. Anyone else just checking this thread every 30 min to see if there's anything new? Or is it just me lol
  9. When was your waitlist timestamp? Mine was received at 10:31am est
  10. Has anyone received a rejection or waitlist email from UofT?
  11. I'm so confused. I was bad waitlisted at 7:53 am. The interview went so well Last year I was good waitlisted and the interview was absolutely terrible. I was stuttering and nervous. This year I was calm, collected, confident, and I felt like I was able to relate the questions to personal stories really well.....what happened?
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