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  1. You were not worried about your troubles growing up coming off as a sob story? I'm sure you can relate to the shock your friends have when you let them in on the struggles you've faced and I fear my experience might be taken as hyperbole when it is anything but.
  2. I never thought about that last part. It's reassuring! The challenge I had in mind that would help give perspective to how difficult it is being a low-income, first-gen Canadian was when I had to resolve a customs issue on behalf of my parents as child and that's been the minimum level of responsibility and expectation of me since. I'm not sure what lesson I learnt from this that can correlate to patient care besides just having empathy for difficulty.
  3. Dal asks for challenges and adversities I faced in my community. I can't answer this with any relation to community because I grew up a poor first generation Canadian. We were too busy trying to face our own challenges. Every example I think of to write about is completely unrelated to medicine, even though I do write about how these adversities have led to me "becoming a [insert whatever positive adjective you want] person". I don't want the essay to come off as I was poor and want medicine for money now. Thing is, I'm scared to let anyone read the essay because of how personal thes
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