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  1. Yes! I am not a Dal student but I do know that I was eligible to work in a lab at Dal last year. Professors will hire students who are not Dal students!
  2. Does anyone know if we get an email first or will Minerva change first?
  3. Timestamp: 1:36 March 14 Accepted - IP GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 505 Essay and activities: Research, volunteer work in healthcare related settings, leadership positions, advocacy work. Continuation in activities (lots over multiple years) Interview: I felt ok about it. 2 stations definitely could have gone better but overall I felt good.
  4. I feel like if it really was this week they may have said that
  5. Ya know, I feel as though they could have said "Won't be this week" and that would have helped the suffering
  6. 7:41 seems so early ! But i'm kind of feeling the same
  7. YUP. Or at least let us know when you're going to tell us
  8. It's the anticipation that makes me wish it was today. Another day of checking
  9. If they do not come today I will need advice on coping strategies
  10. Can anyone remember from past years what time the letters have come out?
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