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  1. This is my thoughts as well. Ive never heard of anyone not getting an interview before, just that they get rejected. Also as an aside, I'm not affiliated with the Faculty. Just an applicant. I'm putting that in early because my some might get confused by my name.
  2. I think that the admissions committee might like it if you used point form since they have to read so many (lol). But you should write it in paragraphs because I think you want to use that section to show the committee that you are an interesting person with hobbies and don't just live in the library. And it doesn't really matter what you put there in terms of what you like, imo. It's more about that you a passionate about something (eg. I like swimming and water stuff and can hold my breathe underwater for 10 minutes and do a triple front flip dive). You send in the admissions
  3. Here is where I think the application process is at this point: The vast majority of the 130 seats have been filled and the faculty is sending out emails on an irregular schedule until they nail down the last remaining few of seats. I say this because it seems like we have gone through several waves of admissions already and now people are reporting getting letters of acceptance in a more random and one-off fashion. Additionally, it was reported that students would be receiving an information email and be able to start enrolling in class in late July/early August, possibly hinting that th
  4. I received my rejection letter about 2 weeks ago (July 23). You guys shouldn't be complaining. The fact that you haven't gotten one yet means that you may still have a chance or are high enough on the waitlist to reasonably still get accepted. My rejection came so early that I assume that I was no where near getting accepted.
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