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  1. Bonjour, il y a les tests pour pratiquer le CASPer en français ici! https://casperfect.ca/shop
  2. Not sure why I would pay for MMI questions I could do for free with others over Skype. Also not sure why I would take advice from a lawyer on medical MMI interviews.
  3. That's well said. Maybe I should see this less as something to control and simply something to let unfold as it will. Don't you feel though that you could've done more? Maybe research? I have this nagging feeling that if I really wanted it, I could force my way into getting in by working harder. But I think that's true up until a point, and maybe after that it's all luck. Tough to say.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to figure this out a bit more. I want to match to something competitive, but it feels so impossible. I'm interested in a competitive specialty, but without an objective grades system I feel lost. I'm worried about nepotism and connections, and feel like even the push to publish simply won't help distinguish myself. It's really starting to weigh on me, because I don't feel like studying for school is the best use of my time (pass/fail and all) but at the same time, gunning publications doesn't feel like it's helping much either. What do you think? I'm surely not the o
  5. Estimator calculator here: https://casperfect.ca/mcmaster-medicine
  6. Thank you all! I really, really appreciate the advice.
  7. Gotcha! How is one prepared? Simply having the required tools?
  8. How does one prioritize what to study to be good on the wards, in clerkship someday? I feel like what I'm being taught in pre-clerkship feels all over the place, and isn't going to make me good on the wards. I feel that a lot of what we study (the minutiae for example) is over-tested and unclinical, but things like taking a BP/auscultation are under-tested and unappreciated. Would studying for the USMLE be a better way to know my knowledge is comprehensive?
  9. Can someone explain this? I keep hearing rumblings about 1) reduction in pay rates/billing prices and 2) a greater push towards privatization (in fields like ophtho?)
  10. Like realistically ophtho is still far more competitive right? I'm considering the FM-EM as a "backup" but honestly I can't see myself in pure FM alone
  11. Really? Isn't it an entire career path? When did the FM + 1 EM become a rare path? Are there stats or websites on how the +1 specialization works?
  12. I'm really interested in ophtho, but could see myself working in the ER as well (see my username lol). Would it be a good idea or a good strategy to gun for ophtho, and backup with FM? I'd like to backup with FM pretty much only to do EM (I don't want to be a general FM GP). Thoughts?
  13. Honestly I'm so bothered sometimes by the fact that our grades are kind of useless. On one hand I like it, but on the other hand, I feel like I have to overprep (and overshoot) the mark I need. Is there any benefit to your marks if you go to a school with Pass/Fail grading?
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