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  1. Any thoughts on how the interview will be weighted compared to previous years?
  2. Anyone else concerned that there verifiers haven't been contacted? Seems like a bad sign....
  3. Anyone else still not have there gpa up?
  4. Funny, I thought of it as more of a red flag if you verifiers weren't being contacted.
  5. So how would this be any different than the life experience's and achievements section? Just more minor "filler" things that one wouldn't consider worth a full spot perhaps?
  6. Sorry I'll hopefully be applying for the first time this year, did they count or not count summer courses last year?
  7. Would you be willing to expand on what your background was (which science courses you took) and how much prep was required since you didn't have all the science courses?
  8. Do the MMI questions change from the first weekend to the second weekend? Hard to imagine they wouldn't "get out" giving some applicants an unfair advantage.
  9. Do you remember offhand when the interviews were last year?
  10. Do we know how many people applied this year (complete applications that weren't screened out)?
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