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  1. Related question: Just curious what surgical job prospects are like in towns/cities (and surrounding areas) such as Bolton, Nobleton, Caledon, King, Newmarket, Stoufville etc. - im mostly thinking Gen Surg for example. Is it difficult to find jobs in these areas?
  2. Just curious, are away electives still canceled? If so, any idea when these will open up again?
  3. Hey Galaxsci, thank you! - I really appreciate your thorough explanation of PM&R. Just a few followup questions (apologies in advance if they sound naive): 1. so would you say a majority of your work is "hands on" I.e procedural? This is important for me as I am interested in a field that offers more of a hands on vibe. 2. how much of PM&R involves a "diagnostic" component when managing your patients. 3. aside from MSK and neuro, are there any other domains of medicine that you commonly need to be well versed in. you mentioned you manage cardiac and cancer patients
  4. When the majority of the community is not vaccinated, this gives the virus an advantage to stay within a host and also spread and infect multiple people. Giving the virus this luxury allows it to replicate much easier which means giving it an opportunity to mutate. With everyone vaccinated ASAP, the virus has less of a chance to replicate and less of a chance to mutate and generate a "variant". Rapid replication = rapid mutation development = stronger or weaker variant. Being unvaccinated gives the virus a ticket to make variants as it pleases. We can prevent this by working together getting v
  5. The supervisor should already have in mind that they eventually want to publish the work. If they haven't mentioned anything about publishing at this point then the project is probably not ready/insufficient results at this stage (although I don't know your specific situation). I think a good approach in this case is to maybe ask the supervisor if there is any more work that you can get involved with to push the project even further and then maybe that will start opening up some more dialogue and you can better guage their intentions. Or you can be frank and ask if the work you've completed is
  6. MS2 here. I am curious to learn more about the scope of practice of PM&R, bread and butter cases, daily routine etc. I haven't had much exposure to this specialty yet and just wondering if anyone here can provide some info! Thanks
  7. The uglier the colour the better! Thats what initiation is all about. You will now have an even more vivid memory of starting your journey in med. Goodluck to the 25s!!
  8. I would definately stay home and save money!! There really is no point living away from home during preclerk when you're already in your home town
  9. To OP, your employment experiences will for sure be an asset. Doing research and volunteering at food banks is just as valuable as working a job. The true value of ECs comes in how you share your story by showing schools what you've learnt and gained from them. Goodluck!
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