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  1. Break down the GPA per year of study. And whether or not she took a full course load in each of those years from sept to April. Then we can better evaluate her GPA situation/competitiveness. I'd also mention that most schools are not in Toronto or GTA. You'd both (or just her depending on what you guys prefer) have to be willing to move to other cities.
  2. With your GPA i would try ontario as much as you can. I wouldn't consider Ireland if I were you, given your stats.
  3. I wouldn't approach a prof by saying you'd do lab volunteering if they give you a letter. Not a good idea. But if you want to reach out and do work with them then sure. And then later you ask for a letter. Also, take a look at the OMSAS website. It says letters have to be from 1. Academic or employment-related 2. Non academic 3. Any of your choosing. So you might not technically need a professor to write you a letter. I might be wrong but thats what the website shows. Best to email OMSAS or specific schools to clear that out
  4. I might be wrong but I personally don't think it qualifies as "research". Its more so journalism i guess? Either way, don't get caught up with trying to put something in the research section - it honestly won't make a difference for your application. This experience can be as valuable as a more traditional "research" experience no matter what heading you put it under.
  5. As a first year med student all friend groups I've seen (and part of) so far are all diverse
  6. Im just a rookie 1st year but just wanted to say goodluck to all of you!
  7. Don't worry about age. Its just a number. You'll soon realize that your class is a group of diverse people with many different age groups and backgrounds. You'll fit in just fine. The only time I feel "older" is when I talk to the 19 year olds who don't know who the red hot chili peppers are.
  8. You're on the right track. You should definately get familiar with their type of work and what they do. They may bluntly ask what part of their research you can see yourself getting involved in. They may also ask if you have prior experience with research. This can be anything from an undergrad or graduate thesis to basic volunteering. If you don't have any of those, you can just be honest and tell them you want to get started - they will usually pair you with a lab member to get you "trained" anyway. Goodluck
  9. Yup I sent out a simple email and it worked!
  10. I was in the exact same position as you last year - 3 MCAT attempts, poor CARS, MSc student who had no time for MCAT studying. I only had a realistic shot at u of t and ottawa and was fortunate enough to secure an ottawa acceptance. Sometimes you gotta just play with the cards you're dealt - don't count yourself out for the schools you're eligible for. All it takes is one of them to bite haha. I do admit however that one difference between you and I was that I was prepared to make a career change if I did not get accepted. I dont know much about international med schools so can't help you
  11. Yeah I ended up emailing a supervisor and it worked out fine. Very much the same process as undergrad.
  12. Hey friend, I feel what you're saying, I too just started med at 25 and have these thoughts sometimes. Here's what helps for me: try not to compare yourself to others. Other people's paths really don't mean anything to you. Focus on your next goal at hand and your success will come with time. I always think about how I will look back at my mid 20s when im like 65 years old after a 30+ year career (probably drinking beer in the backyard too). And ask myself: "why did I worry so much back then?" "Everything turned out perfectly fine". I speak to my dad about this sometimes and he basically
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