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  1. I was in the exact same position as you last year - 3 MCAT attempts, poor CARS, MSc student who had no time for MCAT studying. I only had a realistic shot at u of t and ottawa and was fortunate enough to secure an ottawa acceptance. Sometimes you gotta just play with the cards you're dealt - don't count yourself out for the schools you're eligible for. All it takes is one of them to bite haha. I do admit however that one difference between you and I was that I was prepared to make a career change if I did not get accepted. I dont know much about international med schools so can't help you
  2. Yeah I ended up emailing a supervisor and it worked out fine. Very much the same process as undergrad.
  3. Hey friend, I feel what you're saying, I too just started med at 25 and have these thoughts sometimes. Here's what helps for me: try not to compare yourself to others. Other people's paths really don't mean anything to you. Focus on your next goal at hand and your success will come with time. I always think about how I will look back at my mid 20s when im like 65 years old after a 30+ year career (probably drinking beer in the backyard too). And ask myself: "why did I worry so much back then?" "Everything turned out perfectly fine". I speak to my dad about this sometimes and he basically
  4. Sorry to hear about the score drop. I asked the same question as you last year when I got a 124 CARs. I decided to let it go and just focus on my app for the very few schools I was eligible for. For you specifically, depending on your other MCAT section scores, a 127 isn't the end of the world. You're truly only on the fence for Western as their cutoff fluctuates between 127/128 and possibly mac depending on GPA. Can't speak about non-ontario schools tho. Goodluck
  5. Im a newb too but if you wanna do critical care medicine following anesthesia you need a fellowship (two years?? I think).
  6. Interesting discussion. On the CARMS stats it says that the ratio between first choice discipline to number of spots available in anesthesia is 0.82-ish. Would this be considered a moderately competitive speciality? Also, if you check out individual program descriptions, for example at uOttawa, there's approx 600 applicants for like 8 positions.. am I reading that right??? Seems super competitive haha
  7. Isn't the limiting factor residency position funding, and not number of medical graduates LOL
  8. In all seriousness, im pretty sure this will not affect you whatsoever. I think I had a friend who got in and had some typos. I dont think the admission committee is that harsh LOL
  9. I agree with the above posters. I know people who did kine and got into: med, law, physio, optom, pharm, etc. I even know of others who transitioned from kine to a business masters who are on their way to completing an MBA. Even know of a couple doing a JD/MBA. At the end of the day, kine isn't super focused on one area of science that will limit you. I think it gives you the opportunity to learn health but also be marketable to other professions of society - but you need to be willing to make those transitions if a healthcare field doesn't work out. A BSc and even a MSc in basic science
  10. Write the academic explanation essay and apply. Worst case you apply again next year
  11. Yeah if there is formal proof you recieved it then I think you're good. If you "think" you're going to get it (maybe because you hit a certain GPA for example), but they have not yet officially sent out the award then I dont think thats okay
  12. Just a curious question because I think this is interesting: what kind of "cons" would come with a decision like this? What has happened at other schools in the past?
  13. 0 publications is still considered adequate
  14. I think that's a great score tbh (for ontario specifically, can't comment on other provinces). The only school that you're on the fence for is western - their CARS cutoff may be 127/128.
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